10ZiG Technology Enters Video Awards


StrategiQ Marketing Support Technology Client in Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest

StrategiQ Marketing is very proud to announce our support for ThIN AND Zero Client vendor, 10ZiG Technology whose recent video production has been entered into the Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest amongst 7 other finalists.

Frontrunners in the development of Thin and Zero Client Technology for the desktop virtualization (VDI), application delivery and cloud marketplace, 10ZiG Technology are a key client for the StrategiQ brand. A key technology partner of 10ZiG Technology, Citrix are now hosting the Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Competition.

With a host of Citrix HDX Ready devices to showcase for the video, 10ZiG decided to focus on their ace in the pack, their 5848c Citrix Zero Client. 10ZiG have been keen to share the impressive features of their device, stating, “Driven by a 1.86GHz Dual Core processer and supporting the full complement of Citrix HDX Premium Clients, including Flash-redirection, multi-monitor support and VoIP, the 5848c provides unrivalled performance in Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and VDI-in-a-Box environments. Our video highlights how our device harnesses the power of Citrix HDX Technology to create the best performing Citrix Ready Zero Client on the market.”

Keen to support our client, StrategiQ have placed our vote for the 10ZiG Technology video on the Citrix website and are hoping for a sizeable victory on the part of 10ZiG. In further supporting a valued client, we would like to suggest that all those reading this blog visit Citrix and place their vote for the 10ZiG Technology video. To access the voting system visit the Citrix Voting Page and click Vote for 10ZiG. Voting closes on October 31st 2014 and we would be very pleased to receive your support.

10ZiG Technology’s video can also be viewed on YouTube.

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