Enhancing user experience
and international search

The Challenge

StrategiQ were initially approached by Jacada’s Head of Marketing to help improve their technical onsite standards and search performance across the US, UK and Asia to drive down CPAs from paid marketing.

As the relationship developed, we were also asked to tender for the design and development of the new website. This included a fresh new look, whilst maintaining brand identity, and moving to a new CMS platform that would integrate with Jacada’s CRM and handle internalisation and bespoke itinerary creation. All the time ensuring benchmark load times and organic search enhancements. Easy, right!

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Our Strategy

The most important part of our process was analysing the historic data and tracking the existing site’s search performance. Our technical document took more than two months to complete and included keyword opportunities, user testing, heat maps, competitor analysis and market opportunity analysis.

This resulted in an 86-page technical audit document, which we used to underpin the proposed solution. In total, our search, design and development teams clocked up over 2,200 hours, excluding client meetings and project reviews.

Organic Traffic Increase YoY

Increase in Site Conversions YoY

Visibility Increase Since Launch

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Design + Development

The design process was made somewhat easier with great imagery and content to work with, but still presented huge challenges with user experience given the complexity of how customers visit the site at different stages in the booking process. Our initial wireframes included over 60 pages, which we refined to 48 individually designed page layouts prior to the development phase.

The most impressive parts of the Jacada project will never be seen by the user and will probably only be understood by those in the SEO and development world. The bespoke itinerary builder and integration with the new CRM had never been done before, or even attempted. One of the most technical sites we’ve built given the search standards and site architecture, the results were and still are exceptional.

Integrated Marketing

Post launch, we now work closely with the Jacada marketing team on technical search engine optimisation and ongoing web design and development. Each quarter, we detail and agree the work required and have weekly/monthly performance discussions to ensure organic KPIs are achieved in line with the budget and time allocation.

The Results

There are few agencies that could have delivered this level of technical performance, design standards and development expertise within a small team. The design and overall site performance is clearly visible, but even now, almost a year on from phase one, the website remains fast, effective and achieves every aspect (and more) of the original RFP.

More importantly, the relationship between StrategiQ and Jacada is now built on mutual trust and respect, as we continue to work closely together building the Jacada brand and achieving its marketing goals.