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Leverage a strategy-driven and user-centric approach to execute structured paid media efforts across the customer journey — then measure your success with key performance benchmarks.

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Ensure your paid media efforts are deployed to target audiences, attracting new customers and generating meaningful business results quickly and efficiently.

Imagine if:

  1. You had the capabilities to develop a strategic paid media campaign that quickly captures your target market.
  2. Agency partners treated your paid media budget as if it were their own and made continuous adjustments to get the most out of every pound invested?

  3. Paid ads attracted your target audience through structured and engaging creative assets that were optimised for capturing conversions.

  4. You could create and leverage authentic buyer personas to increase the effectiveness of your paid media campaigns.

By classifying each account, we can identify your paid media goals and strategise ways to increase campaign effectiveness. From there, our specialists take affirmative action to learn about your target market, assemble a robust channel plan and create messaging that is built around buyer personas. This roadmap drives your business to maximise its spending and reach — which we measure by setting rigid quarterly targets.

But our efforts don’t stop once we’ve successfully optimised your paid media spending. Our specialists adopt a hands-on approach to overseeing your paid media campaigns by managing bid levels, collaborating with in-house marketing teams to identify new opportunities, and monitoring changes in the competitor landscape.

When you partner with StrategiQ, your account will be initially graded by our in-house quadrant to define its current paid media performance:

  1. Weak: Minimal budget and inefficient performance.
  2. Inefficient: Suitable paid media budget but evidence of it being wasted.
  3. Efficient: Strong account quality with the potential to spend more.
  4. Optimum: Excellent structure and bidding strategy that delivers maximum impact.

Our Expertise

We provide paid media to our partners through:

Keeping your consumer personas at the forefront, we expand your paid media efforts across the most effective search platforms — such as Google and Bing — through keyword bidding, search query report assessments, full-funnel attribution reporting and crafting tailored ad copy.

Using data, experience and our team of diversified in-house marketing specialists, we create structured media plans that drive conversions across e-commerce channels like Google and Bing Shopping. Our tactics include bid management, price comparison audits, product opportunity reviews, full-funnel attribution reporting and product feed optimisation.

Using a variety of targeting techniques and creative concepts, we execute full-funnel campaigns across social media platforms that ensure your ads reach the right audience. Our breadth of platforms includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Quora, Reddit and Spotify.

With the support of our in-house video production team, we create specialist promotional video assets to attract key audiences to your brand. Our scope extends across multiple channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

Our team identifies your audience, produces creative assets and executes paid display ads — via Google Display Network and Quantcast — tailored to your specific needs. We monitor performance and experiment with creative assets to ensure optimal results — which you can review via your full-funnel attribution report.

Collaborating with creative, web development and UX teams, we design landing pages that invoke your target personas to take action. We set up on-page tracking to monitor user behaviours and make continuous adjustments to maximise the page’s performance. 

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