Love Thy Burger

Stimulating the viewer’s imagination by playing with the senses of sight and sound to imply touch, taste and smell.

Focus area

  • Creative
  • Video


  • Retail

The Strategy

Love Thy Burger is a local, family owned Burger Joint who pair with local suppliers to provide the freshest, tastiest burgers with a contemporary influence.

When it came to deciding the style and tone for the photography, the most defining creative choice was deciding whether we wanted it to be dark, moody or light and airy. This would immediately determine the character of the products,

and form a major influence on the end viewer. In the end, we chose a combination that focused purely on the food, pushing other elements into a dim background.

The video style was derived from the type of engaging B-Roll content that seems to be currently popular on social media channels.

Love Thy Burger BTS
Love Thy Burger BTS
Love Thy Burger BTS
Love Thy Burger BTS

Mike and Sam at StrategiQ have totally changed the game in how our products appeal to our customers online. They’ve given the burgers a whole new clarity, vitality and character that makes me want one now. I can almost taste them on screen!

Adam Lacin

Founder, Love Thy Burger

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