Body Talk

Rewriting the playbook on B2B storytelling

About the Client

BodyTalk, led by the effervescent Richard Newman, had big ambitions, working with global businesses to deliver corporate communication training. But, there was a twist — despite their stellar reputation, their brand was lost in the digital noise, lacking the prowess and creativity to truly stand out.

Focus area

  • Advisory
  • Consultancy
  • Customer Experience
  • Data & Measurement
  • Insights
  • Strategy


  • Education


We transformed BodyTalk’s brand, leveraging the power of human emotion and digital touchpoints to drive monumental gains in lead generation. We dove deep into the core of BodyTalk’s DNA, unearthing their ‘proven by science’ methodology as their golden ticket.

We built a user-centric website that not only looked stunning, but also guided visitors seamlessly through the customer journey.

We rewrote the playbook on storytelling, focusing on the real-world impact of corporate communications training. Our messaging highlighted the personal empowerment experienced by clients, resonating deeply with our target audience.
The StrategiQ Paid Media team worked hand-in-hand with our CX specialists, crafting a targeted strategy that drove enquiries through strategic tracking and personalised executions.


Annual Hubspot Forms up 229 vs 149


Annual website sessions up 24,621 vs 10,844


To reinvent a convoluted and confusing visual identity, backed by a manifesto and watertight rationale

To bring the new brand to life online via a well-considered website and digital presence, including paid and organic social media

To capitalise on customer journey opportunities to engage and re-engage with the right communication at the right time

To reflect and realise their ambitious approach and growth plans through a confident, end-user-focused tone of voice and communications strategy

Increase quality leads via a new website: positioning them as experts whilst also selling courses via detailed information.

What was the “need”?

The BodyTalk brand, marketing and communications strategy, prior to partnering with StrategiQ, was lacking prowess and creativity and failed to communicate their value proposition.

They needed to build quick and trusting connections with C-Suite level at SMEs along with heads of L&D, HR, and training at multinational corporations. They needed to overhaul their approach and messaging to demonstrate impact, through powerful storytelling and an elevated brand position and new website.

At our disposal was a strong reputation, but a stagnant database, and the opportunity to rebrand and reinvent them online.


We embarked on an intense discovery process interviewing and attending workshops, immersing ourselves in the world of corporate communications training.

Our Paid Media team worked cohesively with our CX specialists to identify the content and triggers that drove the most interest, in turn hinging our digital advertising approach on Richard’s persona due to the amount of engagement his videos were achieving compared with the brand videos.

Identifying key moments in the journey and cross-matching them with client feedback and customer testimonials enabled us to determine intent levels and appropriate triggers.

In Customer Experience, we refined the placement of forms on the website, as well as the automation of campaigns to be more individualised and timely. We segmented the audience and by re-engaging some, and communicating more intensively with the most engaged we improved the quality of the relationships across the board.
The brand discovery identified that their differentiator is their ‘proven by science’ methodology. In addition, we identified that their current clients were emotionally and personally empowered as a byproduct of the professional training. Initially, there was some reluctance around the process because the client had already undertaken two previous brand evolutions – however, we had to press that the current positioning, service breakdown and messaging were not strong enough to drive future conversions through marketing.

An Indispensable Partnership

StrategiQ and BodyTalk have redefined the B2B marketing game. Together, we’ve proven that human emotion and personalised connections, digital precision, and creativity can unlock unparalleled success in lead generation and brand positioning.

The result? A whopping increase in website interactions and lead generation, and re-engagement with giants like KPMG and Unilever, leading to lucrative deals

“StrategiQ has been a brilliant partner for us with Hubspot, especially in building out marketing workflows so we can better service our inbound leads. This ensures enquiries are consistently managed in a timely manner and allows us to share additional added value with prospective clients, and tailor the communications based on the enquiry time and entry point on our website.”

Imogen Conyers

Senior Client Relations & Marketing Manager, Body Talk

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