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Stay connected with your leads and customers through relevant and personalised email marketing.

With an average return on investment (ROI) of £42 for every £1 spent, email marketing is key to any strategy, providing extreme value to an organisation. Our approach ensures you make the most out of your customer list, leveraging data to set up progressive profiling and utilise segmentation to create an email marketing strategy tailored to your unique customer journey.

Imagine if:

  1. Send personalise emails that actually convert.
  2. Drive repeat business through campaigns triggered at the right time.
  3. Implicitly learn about your customers and predict their next step.
  4. Stand out in the inbox and increase traffic to your website.

Utilise email marketing to generate personalised communications, triggered at the right time in your user’s journey to drive conversions, website traffic, and conversations.

We work with your team to:

  1. Develop email campaigns that stand out in the inbox, driving conversions and repeat purchases.
  2. Test, measure and optimise your email campaigns to ensure we’re continually improving your campaigns and responding to user needs.
  3. Implicit and explicitly profile contacts meaning we’re always enhancing the data we have on contacts, going far beyond just an email address.
  4. Deliver campaigns at the right time, with the right message, on the right channel with carefully orchestrated automation campaigns.

Our Expertise

We provide CRM to our partners through:

We perform audits (from a strategy audit, template audit and email service provider audit), work with you to build your customer journey, and accelerate sales efforts to increase key metrics such as click and conversion rates.

We use data acquisition methods, insights and profiling to grow your customer base, develop segmentation and ensure compliance — producing relevant, results-focused and data-driven campaigns.

Our team leverages data and customer insights to create personalised campaigns that stand out in an inbox. Providing new email templates, email marketing designs and copywriting, which are rigorously tested to ensure your email campaigns are previewing correctly across all email clients and are performing with your audience.

We design automation around your customer journey. Our team assures you target the right user at the right time, incorporating RFM and customer lifecycle modelling to increase ROI and retention across your customer base.

A great way to build up data about your contacts and in turn drive personalised and relevant communications is to implicitly and explicitly profile your contacts. Through profiling, we can build targeted segmentation which can help us deliver personalised communications based on user behaviour.

Testing is so important in email marketing, it ensures we’re continually developing our campaigns, optimising results and driving better engagement from users. We’ll implement a test-and-learn approach across newsletters and also in automations to ensure we’re making the right decisions for your users.

We provide one-on-one workshops to your internal team, empowering them to develop email marketing skills that increase efficiency and drive results.

We use industry benchmarks and historic performance to set KPIs that give you visibility on your email marketing performance. Using subject line analysis and quarterly strategy reviews, we ensure your email efforts are leveraging opportunities through new channels.

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