Email Marketing

Form new connections and enhance brand advocacy among current customers by using data, customer journey mapping and optimisation to construct a holistic email marketing strategy.

Utilise email marketing tools to generate personalised communications based on where a consumer is at in the buyer’s journey, empowering you to nurture your audience, increase retention and generate revenue.

Imagine if:

  1. You could use testing to ignite better email marketing results and leverage opportunities across new channels.
  2. Your business could capture, manage and use data to build more relevant, effective and compliant email campaigns.
  3. There was a way to integrate email marketing with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to drive users through the customer journey.
  4. You could get more out of your Email Service Provider (ESP) to accelerate sales efforts and increase key metrics such as open, click and conversion rates.


Email marketing can provide extreme value to an organisation — and our approach ensures you make the most out of your customer list. We view email marketing as a fundamental part of a holistic marketing strategy. When forming a new partnership with your enterprise, we leverage data to set up progressive profiling and utilise segmentation to create a clearly-structured email marketing strategy tailored to your unique customer journey. 

We incorporate lifecycle marketing strategies to generate email campaigns that deliver four key outcomes: 

  1. Maximise acquisition: We understand your consumers’ buying journeys and implement data acquisition methods to drive growth.
  2. Minimise attrition: Our specialists use data to ensure your emails feature messages that foster relationships and bolster brand loyalty.
  3. Increase engagement: We build relevant, personalised campaigns that drive awareness and interest by encouraging users to click through to learn more. 
  4. Drive revenue: By delivering targeted email messages to users at the right time, our email marketing efforts spark actions that increase revenue.

We take an enterprise approach to email marketing: Our specialists recognise the importance of using data, customer journey maps, segmentation and personalisation to form compelling email messages and deliver them to target audiences at the best time. First, we work with your team to design and deploy emails that unlock your ESP’s full potential, support your business objectives and align with your marketing strategy. Then, we utilise performance metrics and insights to test and optimise campaigns to develop new opportunities for your enterprise. 

Through our consultancy services, we form partnerships with stakeholders to teach them email marketing best practises, how to navigate email marketing platforms and produce customer-driven, well-designed, compliant campaigns of their own.

Marketing Services

Our Expertise

We perform audits, work with you to build out your customer journeys and provide one-on-one workshops to your internal team. These tactics empower them to develop email marketing skills that increase efficiency and drive results.

We use data acquisition methods, insights and profiling to grow your customer base, develop segmentation and ensure compliance — producing relevant, results-focused and data-driven campaigns.

Our team leverages data and customer insights to create personalised campaigns that stand out in an inbox. We use industry benchmarks and historic performance to set KPIs that give you visibility on your email marketing performance. Using subject line analysis and quarterly strategy reviews, we ensure your email efforts are leveraging opportunities through new channels.

We design customer automation around your customer journey. Our team assures you target the right user at the right time, incorporating RFM and customer lifecycle modelling to increase ROI and retention across your customer base.

Our data and measurement teams run tests that allow you to maximise engagement, clicks and conversations. We constantly explore new channels or methodologies to empower you to get even more from your email marketing efforts. 

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