Brand Identity

Employ a well-defined brand identity to describe what your business is doing and why it’s doing it — then use those responses to fuel an integrated marketing strategy.

Brand identity allows customers to understand your business and the value it provides. It empowers your team to communicate effectively with a target audience, improve consumer engagement, represent your brand’s purpose and maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

Imagine if:

  1. Your branding encompassed simple human truths that your target customers will identify with and understand.
  2. Your organisation’s culture aligned perfectly with your brand’s beliefs and values, keeping every member in sync with your overarching vision.
  3. You could provide your team with guidelines that represent a target audience and how your brand must communicate with them — then integrate those guidelines into all marketing materials.
  4. Your marketing messages were consistent, clear and always conveyed your brand’s core beliefs, values and differentiators.

Brand identity allows you to describe your brand, its vision and its unique selling points (USP). At StrategiQ, we use client branding as the cornerstone for marketing strategies. From content creation to web development, brand identity ensures your marketing messages are equally consistent and impactful across all channels.

We work with your team to:

  1. Perform research and partner with stakeholders to establish the reasons behind your brand beliefs and values, define why your brand exists and identify the benefits you provide an audience.
  2. Craft a unique brand voice that encompasses your mission, vision and values to drive all marketing messages and internal communications.
  3. Establish a visual identity that resonates with your target audience, then use it to steer your marketing efforts.
  4. Weave your brand identity into an integrated and cohesive marketing strategy.

Our Expertise

We provide brand identity to our partners through:

We collaborate with internal partners to develop a clear understanding of brand values, goals and vision. Then we strategise what materials your team needs to ensure cohesive messaging across marketing platforms.

Our specialists leverage existing consumer personas, surveys, competitor analysis reports and field research to determine how to create a brand identity that yields maximum results.

Our in-house writers build consistent brand messaging that matches your brand’s tone, voice, style and manifesto to boost engagement among customers and internal team members.

Keeping brand values, purpose and differentiators at the forefront, we construct style guides, logo designs and other types of creative collateral to best represent your vision.

First, we gain a clear perspective of your buyer’s journey, which allows us to create authentic consumer personas. Our team uses these personas to underpin all marketing efforts — such as website development, user experience (UX) design, content creation and more.

We identify what your consumers need, then use those preferences to achieve long-term marketing and growth goals.

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