Video accounts for 80% of all internet traffic and, every year, mobile video consumption increases by 100%. On average, users share video 1,200% more than links and text posts combined. Can your marketing compete without video?

Move your audience

Video marketing is ever more important in an attention economy and in a social and search engine-driven world. Videos that engage viewers, keep them on the page, inspire action and elicit social sharing will drive the results you’re looking for… so how can you make video marketing work for your business?

A dedicated video strategy can have such a large impact on your brand equity and ultimately your sales. Because our video specialists are embedded within a team of innovative marketers, they can see the whole picture when it comes to your marketing, understand how your video will integrate into the wider strategy, and create the finished products that show your brand in the best possible way.

Whether social, training, product, animation or promo, we can produce a range of videos to help you achieve your 2022 business objectives.

Our Approach to Video Campaigns

Video may work in isolation, but it is far more effective when integrated into your entire marketing strategy.

We don't promise quick, instant quotes, we offer the chance to thoroughly understand your business and objectives in order to position a video strategy that delights your clients and positions your brand as a leader within your sector. Here’s how we’ll create a video campaign that works for you:


Before we even book filming time, we need to understand what you want the video to achieve. Is it for brand awareness, link-building, to launch a new product or promote a live event? Once we know this, we can start planning your video campaign.


From storyboarding to identifying the equipment required for the shoot,  it’s vital to plan out every aspect of your video to ensure it delivers what we need it to. We’ll find the best way to tell your story, ensuring your key messages are front and centre.

The Finished Article

Filming can be quite a personal experience for clients, but all of our initial work helps create a relaxed atmosphere during the shoot. Once filming is complete, we edit and fine-tune every element before presenting the end product to you.


A video campaign doesn’t end when filming is complete – in fact it’s just the beginning. Assuming you’re happy with the video, our marketers will start promoting it across all the relevant channels to make sure it’s seen by the right people. From there, we’ll keep an eye on dwell time and referral data, so you know where it’s seeing the most engagement.


What ever your product of offering, show the world what you're made of...


Whether commercial, residential or educational, take your viewers on a journey...


From raising awareness to raising a pulse, tell your story your way...


Showing the world what you stand for in a way that invites interaction...

Or maybe something a little different...


Mercury Theatre

Using inspiring video storytelling to promote productions, activities and the theatre's work in the community.
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University of Suffolk

Using a variety of video marketing strategies to tell the story and academic prowess of an ambitious university.
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Love Thy Burger

Stimulating the viewer’s imagination by playing with the senses of sight and sound to imply touch, taste and smell.
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Laureate Fields

A fully-integrated lead generation and marketing strategy for an exclusive collection of premium one to four-bedroom homes on the Suffolk coast.
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