User Experience Strategy Agency

The creative output of data, consumer insights and visual design elements form a digital journey that identifies user needs to increase engagement and conversions.

Allow User Experience (UX) — building a frictionless experience by anticipating and fulfilling user needs — and User Interface (UI) — the elements that create digital interactions — to work together to produce the results your marketing strategy is striving to achieve.

Imagine if:

  1. You could combine experience, data and creativity to drive purposeful design decisions that maximise user engagement.
  2. There was a way to enhance SEO visibility through optimising onsite behaviour.
  3. You had the capabilities to structure the digital experience users have with your brand to increase retention, encourage action and drive sales.
  4. Your team could design user journeys that proactively anticipate and fulfil customer needs.

Our Expertise

We provide insights to our partners through:

We use digital animations to deliver technical, complex content in a user-friendly manner. Collaborating with our design and development team, we build visual tools — such as diagrams and animating icons — to enhance the user experience (UX) and drive engagement across digital platforms.

We construct short, sharp bursts of content that cut through the noise and get your marketing messages heard even without sound. In collaboration with our social media strategists, we ensure the animations are deployed on the right social channels to deliver the results you’re striving to achieve.

We collaborate with our in-house video creative team to tell your brand story and creatively communicate marketing messages through long-form video animations.

By adding enhancements like graphical overlays, animation idents and lower thirds to video content, our team can guarantee that your marketing messages are delivered as clearly as possible by complimenting video productions with supporting animation.

Once we have a finite creative direction of travel, storyboard, positioning and target market, we produce a video animation script that drives that message home and empowers us to create purposeful animations.

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