Lighting fibre in the South West

Leveraging a potent combination of paid search and paid social to deliver a return on ad spend of 1,488%. Positioning a brand relaunch in a competitive broadband marketplace to generate highly qualified leads to service a poised sales team.

Focus area

  • Creative
  • Marketing
  • Paid Media
  • Social Media


  • Professional Services

Overview & strategy

Ahead of the brand re-launch, we overhauled the structuring to help improve visibility, a crucial factor when considering Jurassic are a challenger brand to well established suppliers such as Virgin, Sky and BT who wielded vastly larger digital budgets. 

The restructure also considered ways in how we could generate stronger quality scores. We did this by creating highly granular ad groups, allowing us to create relevant ad copy based on the user’s initial query.

In addition, we also:

Introduced longer tail keywords in the form of questions. The ad copy triggered from these then directly answered the user’s initial query. 

Applied image extensions to help the ads stand out within crowded SERPs and attract Jurassic’s core personas.

Application of audience observations in order to upweight bids based on persona interests (e.g. gaming).

Layering persona and interest insights to generate highly qualified leads whilst chasing an ever evolving geographical region of serviceable customers. The objective was to generate 300 registrations per month:









With a notable reduction in cost per serviceable lead to £100 maximum. 

Result: Cost per serviceable lead of £68.42 

Sept – £503.89
Oct – £305.85
Nov – £458.90
Dec – £68.42 

For Facebook advertising we segmented based on Jurassic’s core personas. These segments were also layered with fibre related interests (e.g. gaming). Doing so allowed us to create persona specific scroll stopping animated ads that stood against competitors in the space.

Implementation & outputs

The strong and impactful creative and clever use of keyword targeting positioned Jurassic Fibre in an increasingly saturated market and in-turn started to generate a sustainable cost per registration for the business. 

Innovative location targeting was a vital component of Jurassic Fibre’s advertising success. The main challenge faced were platform abilities to only be able to target postcodes via the first 3 or 4 digits. 

However, we identified an opportunity to leverage Jurassic Fibre’s data on Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRN) and inventory postcodes. We converted these into coordinates which were then bulk uploaded through Google Ads Editor.

It’s the campaign’s approach to location targeting that delivered the biggest impact on lead volume and quality. By finding a workaround to the platform’s poor methods of location targeting we have been able to ensure spend is being used like never before!

Results & evaluation

01. Paid search target surpassed by 884%

02. Gave Jurassic Fibre’s sales team the opportunity to generate £2,165,400 in revenue

02. Scooped Best Local Campaign at the UK Paid Media Awards 2022

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