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How Yoga Ed. saw a 300% increase in leads and reduced its cost per lead by 50%.

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The Covid pandemic continues to leave many children, teens – and the people that support and educate them – feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Yoga Ed., a fast growing edtech and children’s mindfulness partner, have pioneered yoga practices for children in response to a societal need pre Covid, and its business growth was fast tracked by the pandemic.

At its simplest, Yoga Ed. helps all these groups reach out to a calmer learning environment through on-demand access to paid-for yoga programmes. These subscription-based resources can be enjoyed in open and seated spaces, from the classroom floor to the gym, supported by a comprehensive online resource library.


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The Strategy

Yoga Ed.’s challenges were threefold. They’d outgrown their off-the-shelf WordPress website, which was becoming content-heavy and slow to load. Moreover, integrations with two third parties – a payment gateway, and the course management system – were clunky and inefficient, putting customers off exploring further paid-for resources (or even paying for them in the first place).

The company had a healthy database of subscribers, but again, inefficient CRM/database management made reaching out to them costly and inefficient. In summary, Yoga Ed. was looking to address:

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Lack of engagement: increasing content requirements impacted load speed and performance, leading to a drop off in time spent on site.

Conversions: an inferior user experience combined with clunky integration with an epayment platform put visitors off at the vital point of entering credit card information.

Retention: inefficient integration between the existing website and the course management software (Yoga Ed Academy) impacted the user journey, potentially putting subscribers off from buying premium content.

Upselling: complex integration between the website and legacy emarketing builder made hard work out of simple campaigns, and segmentation was complex and labour intensive.

Loss of productivity: Yoga Ed’s managers were frustrated by the inability to update the website quickly and easily with information about new yoga programmes, losing valuable time from their day.

We chose StrategiQ because they took time to understand our business model. They didn’t aggressively try to sell us products that we didn’t need, but partnered with us to meet our team and come up with a strategy to improve our bottom line without compromising the strong ethic that is behind Yoga Ed.

Yoga Ed

Yoga ed. website
Yoga ed. website
Yoga ed. website
Yoga ed. website

What we did

Our process included an in-depth website audit to address technical performance, system integration and underlying syncing issues. The new website was built from the ground up, leading to:

Improved engagement: a fresh theme built from the ground up dramatically improved site speed, making the site attractive to new visitors and increasing page views/time on site.

More conversions at point of sale: improvements to the existing WooCommerce functionality alongside the implementation of a new payment gateway makes paying for online services super-quick and intuitive.

Better retention & user experience: the new website is synched with the third party course management system, ensuring users can enjoy up to date content the moment it’s posted.

Cost effective customer marketing: moving Yoga Ed.’s database from MailChimp to Dotdigital created a single powerful tool for efficient audience segmentation and content groupings, making subscribers easier to attract and market to. This resulted in an uplift of 12,000 subscribers in two months while retaining an average open rate of above 50%.

Increased productivity: the turbo-charged WordPress website maintains a familiar working environment while making daily updates quick and easy. Naturally, the new website is GDPR compliant – one less headache for Yoga Ed.!

It’s been an absolute joy to work with every single person on the StrategiQ team. The people are incredibly caring, thoughtful, and professional. Could not have envisioned better partners for such an undertaking. The end result speaks for itself.

Julia Bond

CEO, Yoga Ed

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