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Delivering a new brand and website that revealed the expertise, opportunities and potential within this innovative investigative software firm.
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“Strategic helped us with a brand refresh and a new website to help us better communicate our values and our offering at a critical stage for Chorus. Their branding and digital marketing expertise is second to none and we are thrilled with the results. We have used them for a few other projects since and our website performance and conversion has increased since using them.”
Joe Southgate, Marketing Manager

Chorus Intelligence Ltd is a trusted supplier of data analysis and cleansing software that enables the processing of large volumes of information in a uniform, replicable and scalable fashion. Their platform delivers a vital service to the intelligence, investigation, law enforcement and legal communities, whether civil or commercial.

Chorus is now deployed in 90% of UK police forces and has helped stop over 20 terrorist attacks in the UK in the past two years.

During a period of growth for the company, Chorus knew they needed to upgrade their brand and website to properly convey their expertise, appeal visually to the clients they wished to attract and provide prospects with exactly the information they needed to see.

We set out a plan to provide them with a new digital presence that unified their products and data in one central location, to align the brand identity with the values, mission and vision of the company and ensure Chorus hit the mark at every touchpoint with their users.

Chorus received a full toolkit for their refreshed brand. This included a logo refresh, product iconography, infographic (connecting process and products), brand-specific typeface, colours, photography, imagery, graphical assets and tone of voice. This was all collated in a Brand Manifesto, with tailored business collateral and deck templates.

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Client Story

Gathering Intelligence


Every element of Chorus’s new website needed to showcase their expert approach and authority in their space. Messaging would show how Chorus understand their clients’ challenges and emphasise how products and services are developed by ex-law enforcement experts and software developers specialising in police and financial data.

New website visuals would create unity and consistency while bringing the brand to life, as well as clearly structuring the brand hierarchy through a series of product identities.

With a security-sensitive industry, it was important to offer a restricted ‘client area’ where ‘authorised’ users could get access to unique content and downloads. We also decided to include a multilingual plugin to provide two key user locales with tailored information on Chorus’ products and services.

Speaking To The Target Market

Intelligent Design

You only have one chance to make a first impression. With Chorus’s target market being subject experts who know exactly what would make a difference to their operations. It was more vital than ever to serve them with relevant info as soon as they arrived.

Everything from the carefully-selected limited colour palette to the elegant typeface choices and clear, simple and sophisticated graphic elements all evidenced Chorus’s sense of graceful precision. Meanwhile, subtle animations throughout the website and within each component brought the information to life and engaged users as they progressed through the page.

The Functionality Behind The Brand


Throughout the design and build process, there was a lot of collaboration between the teams. This identified improvements and updates during the website development so the final result was as effective as it could be.

To help explain what Chorus provides, we designed a scroll-based animation and introduced the ability to apply colour schemes to the various products and service offerings. We also created a short animated explainer video to welcome users to the website that clearly showed how their software fixes their clients problems.

Bringing Intelligence Data To Life

The Final Result

Our new website for Chorus delivered an intuitive mobile experience for users browsing on multiple devices. But this was just the tip of the iceberg. The improved brand, presentation of information and targeted site structure led to a dramatic change in behaviour of the traffic visiting the site.

The number of sessions increased by 52.7%, which in itself is very positive. However, the number of people contacting Chorus through the site and requesting a demo rocketed by over 1000% (ten times previous), with the final conversion rate increasing by 700%. This represents a significant jump in business for Chorus and transforms how they acquire and onboard customers.

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