Performance Marketing Agency

Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and cohesively integrate and measure them into every step of your marketing strategy to achieve your business targets.

Focus areas

  • Performance Data Strategy.
  • Experimentation — A/B Testing.
  • Data Insights and Analysis.
  • Data Visualisation and Reporting.
  • Attribution.
  • UX Insights.

Let data and measurement propel your marketing strategies: Identify, measure and continuously assess KPIs to produce consistent improvements that drive growth and evolvement.

Imagine if:

  1. You could track critical conversion mechanics and utilise that data to create processes that solve user experience (UX) challenges, enhance website performance and increase conversion rates?
  2. Agency partners showed you how well your marketing assets are performing, then used that performance data to direct your marketing decisions.
  3. Marketing efforts were backed by accurate, on-the-pulse data strategies.
  4. You could receive consolidated, concise and real-time reports that allow all stakeholders to develop clear pictures of how their efforts are performing.

Implementing a marketing strategy is only half the task — you need data benchmarks to ensure your business is reaching its targets. Without data and measurement, you cannot determine if your marketing strategies are effective.

Our approach to implementing marketing campaigns starts with data and measurement. KPIs empower us to track, report and monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and make proactive strategy adjustments to reach your business goals.

From UX design to content writing services, data drives everything we do at StrategiQ. This approach allows us to formulate quarterly targets and assure your marketing efforts support your overarching business goals. Through measuring, monitoring and consistently optimising data, your business will continue to refine its marketing efforts and accelerate its growth.

We achieve this by:

  1. Coming together with stakeholders to determine what your business needs to accomplish and how current marketing efforts are performing.
  2. Using an impact matrix to identify the essential data points that guide the decision-making process and form the foundation of your strategy.
  3. Continuously analysing quantitative and qualitative data to identify what needs improvement or find new opportunities for growth and advancement.
  4. Performing data-driven A/B testing and experimentation to continuously enhance engagement and conversion rates.

Our Expertise

We provide Data & Measurement to our partners through:

Our specialists partner with internal team members to ensure all of your KPIs are defined and accurately tracked, providing valuable insights and visibility for stakeholders to review and assess.

Through continuous testing, we dive deeper into how different marketing stimuli engage and convert your audience, leading us to uncover new growth opportunities and rollout ongoing improvements.

We compile and analyse historical and recent performance data across marketing touchpoints to uncover key learnings that will boost acquisition, engagement and conversions.

We utilise reporting functions that provide automated, centralised metrics that matter. Our team uses this data to evaluate the health of your marketing efforts and provide thorough insights into your performance.

Through consistent data collection, we assign contribution percentages to your digital touchpoints. We then assess these touchpoints to ensure your marketing resources are being allocated to digital channels yielding the most profitable results.

Our data and measurement specialists provide creative teams and UX designers with the information they need to design optimised, engaging and straightforward digital interfaces, resulting in enhanced customer experiences that yield maximum conversion rates.

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