Financial fraud fighter unlocks new markets and leads with a considered strategy

Devised a strategy to support Featurespace in gaining visibility on search engines, drive an increase in volume and quality of leads through paid and organic means, and created and impactfully considered social media presence.

Focus area

  • Marketing
  • Paid Media
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Tech


  • Technology

Overview & Strategy

We swiftly identified technical issues to move non-ranking terms onto page 1, creating more clicks and huge uplift in website traffic using tech and content SEO techniques. 

We performed a full audit of paid media accounts and campaigns coupled with a scalable best practice campaign strategy.

Decisions were driven by data, from a full data audit which identified and solved data inconsistencies, allowing business owners to confidently establish benchmarks and targets for the new financial year.

LinkedIn became the social media focus and priority, building an engaged following to ultimately drive leads.

Implementation & outputs

We created a slick ‘Newsroom’ area of the site that was created to be a hub for topical content from a diverse range of expert contributors.

A prioritised SEO strategy from a standing start ensured that there was a fast turnaround on establishing primary target keywords driving more traffic from target markets. 

We drastically reduced wasted spend by 98% on paid channels and created an engaged LinkedIn community with a 64% increase in impressions.


75% increase in website leads

Huge uptick in leads from LinkedIn

Total lead generation up 50%

Engagement rate up 40%

“The strength of an agency comes down to the people in the team, their culture and approach to work. Team alignment and genuine customer focus are critical, no amount of skill or expertise will trump culture. StrategiQ has a winning culture and truly loves seeing their clients succeed – you can feel it.”


Will Anderson MBE

Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, Featurespace

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