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Building the real foundation of your brand’s personality online. Giving a voice to your business your people and your vision. The one thing that’s never changed in our years of running social media campaigns is our drive to experiment with ideas and find new ways to engage users, all with a view to moving our clients forward.

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Why StrategiQ

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Social media is a chance to engage audiences with content that’s a little unexpected, that triggers emotions and encourages responses. From organic activity to paid ads, we will show you how our social campaigns and strategies are designed to encourage users further down the sales funnel, while ensuring you are always talking to the right people.

With carefully-managed ad spend and precise audience targeting, social can also be a significant lead generator for any business. Whether you want to get your latest video in front of thousands, drive traffic to a sign-up page or simply generate sales, you can count on us to deliver results via social.

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Our Approach to Social Media

Every successful social media campaign starts with a strategy.

Here’s how we’ll devise and deliver yours:


Before we start posting from your social channels, we’ll take a deep dive into your business, getting to grips with what your ideal customer looks like. From there, we can identify the most appropriate channels and create custom audiences for effective targeting.


Understanding the personas and preferences of your target audience will determine the type of content that is likely to resonate. Working in tandem with our content and video specialists, our social team create campaigns designed to take brands forward.


While regular social posts can help build your brand and keep customers engaged, they’ll only reach people who already know you. If your priority is customer acquisition, we can supplement organic posting with paid ad campaigns, expanding the reach of your social activity and directing users to key landing pages on your website.


Our social media campaigns thrive on data, and you’ll be interested to know how they’ve performed in order to gauge your ROI. We track all kinds of user actions – whether it’s clicks, share, likes or conversions – so we can see if we’ve met the campaign KPIs and identify any elements that might need refining.


Yoga Ed

Bringing balance and stability to the online presence of a global mindfulness education programme.
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Love Thy Burger

Stimulating the viewer’s imagination by playing with the senses of sight and sound to imply touch, taste and smell.
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Laureate Fields

A fully-integrated lead generation and marketing strategy for an exclusive collection of premium one to four-bedroom homes on the Suffolk coast.
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Factory Direct Flooring

Revitalising search visibility and driving record revenue for a leading online retailer.
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