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StrategiQ’s brand, data and goal-led approach to organic social media is about making an impact, stopping users from scrolling, and building a strong, inspired following.

Execute an audience-focused and data-first approach to social media. Craft messages that inspire your target audience and compel them to build a long-standing, engaged relationship with your brand. 

Imagine if:

  1. Social media was the “go-to” channel for both your marketing campaigns and your customers.
  2. You could rely on your social media platforms to have an ever-growing and continually engaged audience that truly understands your brand and your values.
  3. Your business could leverage data and customer insights to determine what, where and when to post social media messages and measure how well your posts are performing.
  4. Your social media messages contained a consistent style, voice and tone to maximise engagement.
  5. Your social media strategy was fully aligned with your overarching marketing strategy and a key driver of business results.

Starting with your customers and the value you bring to them, at StrategiQ, we combine data and insights with your vision and values to create cohesive and integrated social media strategies. Our platform-specific approach means we build social media messages specific to the channel(s) being used, engage your audience in meaningful ways and remain consistent with your brand identity.

We work with your team to:

  1. Research which allows us to drive changes in behaviours by aligning social media messages with your target audience’s interests, needs and motivations.
  2. Examine your competitors’ social media activities, strengths and weaknesses to pinpoint strategic opportunities.
  3. Determine what social content or platforms work well, which areas need optimisation and benchmark your performance against others.
  4. Build your brand personality through archetypes, visual identity and tone of voice to cut through the noise, increase engagement and create a community of followers.
  5. Define your target market and their interests while constantly listening to your audience and industry. Our process ensures we are delivering the right social media content to the right channel to establish the right positioning.
  6. Define your campaign objectives, ideate and implement creative campaigns that ensure your message is at the forefront of your audience’s mind through longer, more cohesive topics of conversation.

Our Expertise

We provide social media to our partners through:

Simply put: We are obsessed with your social media performance. Our team analyses competitors, reviews best practices and provides clear, actionable recommendations for executing a social media strategy that drives results and leverages new opportunities.

From one-time, set campaigns to ever-evolving roadmaps, we combine data and performance metrics with your overarching marketing strategy to align your social media efforts. Our breadth of services are extensive — including asset creation, content writing, scheduling and ideation to compliment your brand — and we continuously look for new ways to optimise your campaign.

We take full accountability for your social media accounts to set up profiles on new platforms, schedule posting, engage with users and deliver active campaigns. Our responsive and flexible approach allows us to create a structured, consistent and monitored social media presence. We consistently track performance data, so we can take immediate action when new insights become available.

Using social listening, trend analysis, forecasting and reactive marketing techniques, our social media specialists look for opportunities to evolve and expand your social media presence. 


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