It’s A Slam Dunc!

7 min read by Levi Clucas 4 Jul 2019


July is upon us, meaning it is time for our latest MVP to acquire their crown! In June, we launched some really cool tools for Keyword Cannibalisation and G.Trends, launched our new corporate gym membership scheme and were named finalists for the EADT Suffolk Business Awards!

As usual, that means it’s been engines firing on all cylinders in June and we’ve also been releasing some fantastic new website projects into the wild, including clients like Clearfield and Hero Site Solutions.

So, let’s get down to business and address the one thing we’ve all been waiting for… Who is this month’s MVP? It’s a monthly WWE Royal Rumble like no other where we all compete in a match to the death to win the MVP Belt. Ok, maybe a bit exaggerated… we actually all just vote for who we think stood out the most and ‘gave a ship’ during the month, and the winner gets a duvet day and a meal out on the company!

Let’s take a little look at some of the stand-out nominations for the month of June:

“No question about it this month. The level Elliot has stepped our email game up is hard to miss at StrategiQ. Getting subscribers to click on an email is no easy feat, much harder trying to get them to click through to sites. Elliot has imposed his marketing prowess alongside an incredible eye for design to create click-worthy emails that we can see are getting results. Beyond this, he’s become a sponge of knowledge – soaking up PPC wisdom effortlessly from Charlie. For this, I believe Elliot deserves a hard-earned break!”

“Gemma has only been here for a short while, however, her ability to take to projects, like a duck to water, means that it didn’t take long for her to start making an impact on our clients. Not only has Gemma not been afraid to make suggestions and put forward her opinions early on in her StrategiQ career, she has also taken it upon herself to get stuck into our own brand and strategy, project managing some of the brand work and helping us really push forward with communicating why we do what we do. I’m sure, if you haven’t already, you’ll all begin to see how Gemma is impacting ours and our client’s businesses in the near future. But for now, well done Gemma, awesome work that certainly deserves a duvet day.”


“Mike has been a machine this month! From initial set up to post-production, he has worked quickly and tirelessly to deliver A LOT of varied work. From flying a drone for the perfect footage to making erm’s and um’s sound funny, he definitely deserves MVP in my eye!”

“Chris plays such a significant and overarching role in the company that it’s easy for him to be overlooked for nomination. He embodies everything StrategiQ are and he is without a doubt the brands biggest cheerleader. It’s fair to say StrategiQ wouldn’t have the reach and social stature it has achieved to date if it wasn’t for Chris and his consistent investment. The leadership training seems to be working well too and the growth showing across everyone involved is evident. As far as duvet days go, I’m not sure Chris remembers what one feels like so I think we should force him to spend a much deserved day at home with his family and take a breather for a day! We can lock him out of G Suite, surely?”

Awww, what a sweet bunch. It’s true, the more we grow and the more we thrive, the harder it is to pick one person out every month – every person in this company has good reason to be crowned the MVP every month and that makes it a close call when it comes to voting, and often means we’ve got a fairly even spread across the company. This month, there were some standout nominations for Elliot, Mike and Gemma, however, one person triumphed above them all. That person is…. Dave!

Wait, no…. Duncan!



“Dave deserves to win this month’s MVP as he has been doing an incredible job quietly ploughing away in the Midlands office with the bigger projects and other support on development retainers. This is a great example of an individual not simply ticking items off their to-do list but actually thinking about what needs to be done and considering what hasn’t been planned for and making sure that is accounted for. Dave really deserves to win this month as he has stood out as someone who is taking full ownership of his projects and personally making sure it is always on track and up to StrategiQ standard.”

“He’s such a modest, unassuming character that is easy to overlook the effort that Duncan puts in so consistently. This has certainly ramped up to help James and the Midlands team accommodate new clients and ‘can you justs’ while doing a sterling job on his current projects. You only have to look at Duncan’s diary to see how much extra he is giving – this guy certainly ‘gives a ship’ and deserves a good rest in recognition.”

“Duncan has been smashing his client projects with late shifts, a lot of the work goes behind the scenes unnoticed. He really deserves recognition for his way of just getting on with it with no complaint, always on time, and rarely shouting about how awesome he is, even though he should be.”

So, Duncan, Dave, Big D, Slam Dunc, the man with the questionable nicknames, has scooped this month’s accolades and been crowned the Most Valuable Player. His tenacity in getting his projects perfect, on time, always at a high standard and with a smile on his face and a ‘nod’ of acknowledgement is what makes him a personification of the StrategiQ brand. He has really highlighted what it means to be part of such a hard-working, dedicated team.

Congratulations Duncan, you surely deserve a day off and a nice dinner out on us as a thank you for your hard work! We hear La Casa Loco is pretty good! *wink*

If you fancy becoming part of the team and maybe even winning yourself the much-heralded MVP title, get in touch with your CV, drop in for a chat or take a look at our careers page.

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