Celebrating our website-launching extraordinaire

7 min read by Amy Peckham-Driver 8 Nov 2023

The weather may be cooling down, but the battle for MVP just keeps on heating up.

With each passing month, the MVP bar continues to rise and the competition gets more and more fierce. Our MVP initiative is a longstanding StrategiQ tradition that gives the team the opportunity to celebrate excellence within the agency by nominating one of their colleagues for the dedication they put into their work.

As is routine at the end of each month, we all gathered round last Friday to hear the long list of MVP nominations and enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with them.

In third place this time… All hail mighty Max!

Our dazzling designer has had a brilliant month, earning himself a strong third place in the MVP running for October.

“Max has had a killer month! He’s smashed it on multiple projects with great feedback from clients, whilst always having time to lend a hand or give some honest feedback.”

“My vote goes to Max; I’ve been really impressed by his level of work over the course of the month. His eye for design and attention to detail are spot on, thinking outside the box and demonstrating high levels of professionalism when presenting work to clients. The work he’s been doing is absolutely brilliant and this has been echoed by the clients. Keep up the good work, Max!”

Sitting proudly in second place… Taking home the silver this time was our sparkling, spirited, social-savvy queen, Lauren Grubb!

Lauren sits at the helm of StrategiQ’s social media service line and can often be found filming TikToks and radiating her sunny ‘yellow’ energy around the office.

“I have been in awe of Lauren this month. Her enthusiasm for everything she does is simply infectious and never fails to brighten up everyone’s day.

Not only is she incredibly approachable and supportive to clients, but her TikTok efforts are going from strength to strength; reaching record views and likes for StrategiQ. Not only this, but she is continuously looking for ways to enhance her expertise as showcased by her recent blog on behavioural science. Keep smashing it, Lauren!”

“My vote this month goes to our TikTok superstar, Lauren G! Lauren works incredibly hard putting content together for StrategiQ’s TikTok, and tries to get as many people across the agency involved as possible, as well as putting herself out there to host a number of videos, ranging from thought leadership, life at StrategiQ and comedic skits! All her hard work is starting to pay off, with the latest video generating over 1000 likes and 37.9k views. In addition to this, Lauren is also putting in additional hours to work on her personal brand, posting on LinkedIn and not being afraid to share her opinions. Keep going, Lauren, you’re doing amazing!”

And finally, October’s crown goes to…

Our website-launching extraordinaire, glorious Grace!

Grace joined the team in early 2023 and has gone from strength to strength in that time; earning this record-breaking MVP win after overseeing a whopping four website launches in just one month.

“With October swiftly behind us, I’m sure a lot of us can agree that there has definitely been a stand-out winner this month. Grace has had a hell of a month, seemingly constantly launching website after website, covering several people on annual leave (sometimes at the same time), Grace has kept a cool head and dealt with everything that the world has thrown at her this month, well played, Grace, keep it up.”

“Grace has been amazing this month. Not only has she managed the successful launch of 4 websites, but she always provides our clients with the highest level of support and guidance. Grace overcomes every challenge that she is faced with and is such a crucial part of the team.”

“Grace has absolutely smashed it this month with managing 4 website projects going live. Not an easy job managing internal teams and clients, keeping everyone happy and delivering projects on time to the StrategiQ standard, but all the websites have turned out amazingly. Not to mention all the sites that haven’t gone live this month which are still going on in the background! Keep smashing it Grace!”

…so there you have it! Another month in the bag, and a fresh month ahead with new opportunities for the next MVP to shine.

Do you have what it takes to become a StrategiQ MVP? Check out our current vacancies to find your place in our ambitious team.

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