New partnership with Mintel!

6 min read by Andy Smith 13 Jun 2024

Providing our team and clients with industry-leading market insights to better inform strategic thinking.

We’ve raised the bar in gaining a strong and substantiated understanding of our clients’ marketplace and target customers, by partnering with Mintel. 

Being a trusted partner for global brands and leading B2B & B2C strategies, staying ahead of market trends and consumer insights for our clients is crucial. Marrying the data that our value and performance team and specialists interpret, with agency expertise, is now equipped with a major step up in relevant and evidenced information. 

We needed to partner with an organisation that could equip our specialists, strategists and clients with the confidence and reputable, unbiased resources required to launch business-changing strategies founded on industry-specific market research and insights. 

Formally partnering with Mintel means we’re taking any assumption or educated guessing out of delivering impactful campaigns and strategies, as a further step towards becoming a destination agency for clients and talent.

“Experts in what consumers want and why.” – Mintel

We have undergone a significant period of change in consumer thinking and behaviour.  While we, rightly, leverage extensive data points and analysis to inform strategy, partnering with Mintel will enable us to add another layer of reliable and unbiased information to speed up decision-making and deliver even more business impact. We’re in good company, joining over 5,000 global businesses already making better-informed decisions from Mintel’s market intelligence.  

Mintel offers market reports across 34 UK verticals, in addition to global sectors.  They have built a generative AI tool that provides responses to queries based on Mintel data only. This improves the robustness and reliability of information, including competitor analysis, market research, and consumer insights.

An unbiased point of truth

Partnering with Mintel enables us to move away from gleaning market insights from opinion pieces, commissioned research, and existing white papers. The partnership enables us to better align under ‘one strategy’, with an unbiased and efficient solution for gathering insights. 

“As a Marketing Manager who is passionate about research and insights, I am so excited to be partnering with Mintel. To truly become a destination agency, staying ahead of market trends and consumer insights in our client’s industries is crucial. This intel paired with our own data will level up not only our strategies, but our thinking and decision-making across the agency. Watch this space – great things are coming!” – Gemma Raw, Marketing Manager, StrategiQ

Finding the problem we’re solving, not assuming the solution

We are focused on finding the problem we’re solving rather than going straight to the solution. By introducing insights from the moment we approach our clients’ business objectives, together, we can better prioritise addressing the needs, pain points, and motivators of the end user, in conjunction with a thorough understanding of the market. 

This deeper layer of intelligence will support, enhance, and instil even more confidence in the strategies formed by our specialists.

Thought leadership that packs a punch

Whether on LinkedIn, in the press, or on your website, thought leadership generates followers who appreciate and garner value from people who can demonstrate that they truly know their stuff.  In addition, relevance is key to resonating with the right message at the right time. 

Partnering with Mintel will enable us to position our clients as reliable, proven, and cutting-edge thought leaders in their space, owning topics backed by research and voicing opinions with an added layer of insight. We’ll also be able to support our clients in better staying ahead of the curve, with emerging trends and potential hot topics, before their competitors have their say.

Another key partnership in our journey 

Karen Dowse, Senior Vice-President, Mintel EMEA, said: “We’re excited to work with StrategiQ to support the agency to make better decisions, faster with our expert-led insights. For over 50 years, we’ve been helping businesses grow by advising them on what their consumers want, and where their markets are heading. We’re impressed with StrategiQ’s ambitious plans and look forward to enhancing their thought leadership programmes, backed by our global network of consumer experts. By utilising Mintel Leap – our revolutionary new AI platform, the agency will also see its research process expedited – allowing more focus on higher-value content. We can’t wait to see how our partnership impacts StrategiQ and its clients.”

If you’d like to find out more about how our partnership with Mintel could inform and improve your marketing strategy, get in touch. We can’t wait to get under the skin of your market and your customers.

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