StrategiQ Launches Corporate Gym Membership Scheme for Employees

6 min read by Andy Smith 14 Jun 2019

StrategiQ Corporate Gym Offering

We are proud to announce our newest employee benefit – the launch of StrategiQ’s ‘Corporate Gym Memberships’ through Airborne Fit.

Transforming Employee Health & Wellbeing

You’re probably wondering – why make gym memberships an added benefit to employees? Well, in 2018 we took part in the Best Employers Eastern Region Survey – which not only highlighted areas we excelled – which helped us win Best Employer in Digital & Technology – but also highlighted areas of improvement including mental health and physical wellbeing strategies.

From these findings, the leadership team created an employee engagement strategy with various objectives including transforming our learning and development strategy, hiring a psychologist to work on the overall mental health of the team, and now, a new scheme with the gym next door – Airborne Fitness – to help the team facilitate a healthier lifestyle.

It’s no secret that StrategiQ is already heavily invested in and values physical fitness and sports initiatives – such as sponsoring the Ipswich Sporting Lunch for Inspire Suffolk, employee fitness goals as well as sponsorship for Reece Cattermole – and we hope the team will feel the benefits of this new health strategy.

Benefits of Physical Activity During Work Day

Per various studies highlighted by the BBC in January 2019 – there are many benefits of exercising during the day including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased satisfaction
  • Improvement in mood
  • Improvement in cognition

Some of our team members – who currently already gym during the day at Airborne – have expressed their excitement about the new scheme as well as the physical and mental benefits they have experienced thus far.

“I currently use Airborne at lunchtimes and I am a massive believer that training midway through the day benefits productivity for the afternoon – and it helps me clear my head and gets me away from my screen. It is well known that the most productive time of the day at work is the first thing in the morning. I almost find that it gives me a second go at the ‘first thing in the morning’ feeling. When you train and shower at lunch, it resets your mind and gets you ready to go again in the afternoon.”


Charlie Taylor, Paid Marketing Manager


“I already attend Airborne 3+ times a week, mainly on my lunch break. The partnership is a great perk to save a bit of cash on keeping fit! I find the convenience of the gym being next door is a great motivator to stop making excuses and I’ve found a real consistency of exercise regime that I hadn’t had for years.”


Nick Woolnough, Head of Marketing Operations


Benefits of Gym Membership Scheme to Team

In addition to the physical benefits of the gym membership – there are many other benefits as well. Some of our team members have children or animals – or have long commutes – which have made it difficult for them to easily integrate a physical fitness regime into their daily lifestyle. This new scheme helps reinforce this healthier lifestyle much easier.

“I have been practising Yoga for 5 years, so this has been the bulk of my fitness regime. I have facilities at home (gym/dojo) but with a 3-hour daily commute, I don’t get home until after 7 pm so this makes it difficult. Having facilities close by (at no extra cost) means I am likely to use these now when I otherwise wouldn’t. I tend to use the gym in two extremes – either when I’m having very good days or very bad days, and it’s really nice to know I can just pop next door to reset myself and get into the zone.”


Hannah Rampton, Senior Search Consultant


“Sadly, having horses at home too, means I never get to workout when I want to, especially in winter, so now I’ve got my chance to do that again! I’m always way less tense and moody when I’ve had a good workout the night before or that morning. For me, exercise really improves my sleep, my mood and especially improves how I feel about myself. That wonderful feeling of finishing a workout and aching the next day, knowing I’ve worked hard and made an effort is worth every second. ”


Levi Williams-Clucas, Content Outreach & PR Executive


Not to mention, this new scheme will help our team members who were previously unable to consistently invest in a gym membership.


“It will really help motivate me to leave the office closer to on time than I have before and I’ve not been able to afford to sign up to a gym as I’ve recently bought my house. I’ve been starting to ‘try’ and run (although it’s more of a Pheobe impression from friends!!) so this will give me the kick up the backside I need!”


Becky Evison, Designer

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