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8 min read by Laura Manning 17 Jan 2024

Inspired by our fantastic team of Indispensables? Nothing makes us prouder than receiving job applications and work experience requests from people eager to learn from them!

We work collaboratively across all marketing channels: brand, web, design, UX, SEO, social media, PPC, PR, email, content and video. Solving business challenges with strategies that deliver results. That’s what we get out of bed for; to grow businesses and people into more than they thought possible and we’re thrilled to be able to share this passion for all things digital with newcomers, wherever they are on the career ladder!

Having recently completed his A-Levels at St Joseph’s College, we’re excited to welcome Stanley Warner, who has joined us as an exuberant and purposeful Marketing Intern. Stan is keen to expand his knowledge and skill set – find out how he is diving into the world of marketing…

So, Stan, tell us a little bit about your background…

Born and raised in Suffolk, I attended Debenham High School before moving to St Joseph’s College in Year 10. Here I completed my GCSEs and A-Levels in Business, Maths and Sports.

Having been sports-mad since I was young and a Stanley family, 4th generation rugby enthusiast; I made the most of their incredible sports facilities and coaching experience.

Unsure of my next steps post-school, I have had a range of part-time jobs including working at an events company erecting large marquees to waitering at high-end restaurants.

In April 2022, I had the opportunity to experience life at a marketing agency and was hooked! Dipping into my business A-level knowledge, I had a great desire to continue to learn about the career avenues within digital marketing.

Tell us about a moment that made you proud

After many hours of dedicated training and commitment, I was selected to play within the 1st team at St Joseph’s College National Schools Rugby Festival 2022. Established in 1986, this has now become one of the most prestigious schoolboy rugby tournaments in the country, with some of rugby’s biggest stars gracing these pitches (Mako Vinupola, Matt Dawson, Mike Tindall, Andy Goode, James Haskell, and Tom Rees to name a few!). It was a super rewarding moment for me, a memorable experience for sure!

What made you want to come to StrategiQ?

I first came into contact with StrategiQ whilst they were collaborating with my family’s business, STC Teamwear.

The team had presented an eagerly anticipated brand launch and I was blown away by the thought and expertise behind what was discussed.

Keeping up with their activities on social media, I jumped at the advertised opportunity to join their team. With aspirations to forge a career in marketing, I knew I couldn’t miss the chance to learn from their exceptional team and the opportunity to get exposure from their vast list of disciplines. Pausing other work and travelling plans, I joined the team as their newest Marketing Intern – ready to soak up anything and everything!

What part of your role are you most excited about?

As quite a confident communicator, I’m excited to start attending and contributing in meetings with clients. Knowing I could make an idea become a reality and help towards their business goals is exhilarating to me.

Hoping to contribute to my family’s business in the future, it’s also great to know what goes on behind the scenes. Whether that’s updates firsthand on STC projects, or learnings from other clients that may have an impact on the work I do further down the line – there’s just so much I can take in from this role.

What’s something you’d say you’re exceptionally good at?

I’m one of the lucky ones that find maths easy – ironically, I still find it tricky to make my hard earned money go the distance! I’m also a great communicator and really enjoy networking – a quality I’ve already been praised for at StrategiQ, which is great news!

What’s the best part of working agency-side for you?

I have been lucky enough to experience StrategiQ both internally and client-side, I think the professionalism of the team is awe-inspiring. Knowing that you have a team around you that can get results and know their stuff is so motivating! I’m also learning from the general dynamics of the office’s environment – the pace of work is unmatched to anything I’ve ever experienced.

Moving away from all the business talk – tell us what a perfect day off would look like to you!

I am a passionate foodie and love exploring new cultures through their local cuisines (Lebanese food is my favourite!). My perfect day off would probably see me travelling to London to try something new.

I also enjoy some chill time playing golf or listening to podcasts; I hope to one day start up my own and I can’t wait to jump in the team’s podcast room at my earliest opportunity!

What is the best way to approach you?

My insights profile is a heavily red blend, which means I’m pretty bold and direct so don’t beat around the bush with me! I like it short and sweet. Let me know what you need.

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