Limitless creativity from September’s MVP

6 min read by Laura Manning 6 Oct 2023

Hello Autumn! As we pack away our swimmies, it’s not all doom and gloom as we celebrate the latest team member to be added to this year’s list of ‘Most Valuable Players’.

It’s our favourite time of the month – we get to celebrate the hard work that goes on behind the scenes for projects at StrategiQ HQ and the dedicated employees that are driving them.

Before we find out who gets to take home the company credit card, let’s celebrate some of our other heavy hitters who nearly claimed the top spot…

In joint 3rd place, is eagle-eyed Becky Evison and technical whizz, Gary Billington.

“Bex is literally limitless. She works tirelessly to keep the plates spinning across all of her clients, making sure everyone has what they need and are kept up to speed – both client-side and internally. I’m in awe of her hard work, stamina and incredible attention to detail. Bex, you’re a pleasure to work with and you are so appreciated.”

“Gazza has absolutely smashed it this month. After what he admits to being a turbulent first month, he has certainly bounced back! From getting recognition from clients over emails and getting shout-outs on our Friday morning meetings, he really has not only stepped up but showing us exactly what he is capable of. The level of technical thinking and general strategy is brilliant, every decision is backed up with data, insights and knowledge.”

With her unrivaled wisdom, in 2nd place is our social media powerhouse, Corrie Jones:

“I am continuously impressed by Corrie’s person’s hard work, passion, and limitless energy. She is doing a brilliant job at leading and growing a team as well as always looking for new opportunities for clients. She is always on hand to help, support, and teach – true leadership! Playing a huge part in winning 3 UK Social Media Awards (also our first ever Social Media Awards) as well as being a panelist for the Girls in Marketing virtual conference, you can see the dedication Corrie has for her service line!”

…but finally, the MVP crown for September 2023 officially goes to:

Mike Wilson!

As our Video Production Manager, he is tasked with delivering amazing creative videos and photography for StrategiQ’s clients and internal projects. He is versatile and has a passion for creating visually exciting experiences that push boundaries and injects life across the entire marketing mix. That’s why he is a high flyer amongst colleagues and clients alike:

“Mike has absolutely smashed it this month. He always goes above and beyond for the team and always puts an absolute shift in. He works so hard on his R&D and will always be on hand to help with anything if you need it. He has achieved a lot this month, and deserves that duvet day! Keep killing it Mike.”

“This month Mike has showcased what working at StrategiQ is all about – it all comes down to giving a sh*t about clients and the quality of our work. He’s touched so many areas of the business; bringing in opportunities, getting sales over the line, training that supports the growth of our web work, training that pushes video forward, production that has meant sacrificing personal time and StrategiQ content that has meant the same.

Mike’s put everything into this month and it’s a pleasure to work alongside him. Everything is about being better, not just personally but influencing the wider team too. All this without a moan or fuss, just solutions. Awesome work!! I absolutely want to see you take a break.”

“Over the past month Mike has been on location for Ensors, Hemisphere, BodyTalk, Druthers and STC to name a few. Some very long days and awkward hours but all taken in his stride, whilst capturing some quality video and photography for our clients. On-top of a mammoth month of content capture, Mike has also completed one of our finest pieces of work within our creative portfolio earlier this month…the StrategiQ, 10 year anniversary film. This type of work doesn’t happen by accident and is a real reflection of Mike’s meticulous planning, research (both inside and outside office hours) and commitment to delivering something that truly does push the boat out. I think everyone is in agreement that Mike has directed and produced a piece of content that all of us at StrategiQ can be incredibly proud of sharing as well as being a part of. Amazing stuff mate!”

Congratulations, Mike! Get that duvet day and dinner booked.

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