Wake me up, before you… win MVP?

5 min read by Charles Craik 8 Oct 2019


It’s the start of a new month at StrategiQ and as usual, there’s a lot going on! In September, we took a closer look at social situations, welcomed wonderful designer Be and marvellous marketing exec Emma to the team, delved into the world of organisational culture, visited Brighton for another smashing BrightonSEO and, of course, continued to launch awesome sites and make an impact on our clients’ businesses!

The turn of the month also means it’s time to crown a new MVP. Every month, I get the joy of reading through all these wonderful nominations and picking out some of the best ones for you all to enjoy too!

We’ll waste no more time and get right into the nominations…

“As Becky is always a superstar, it’s so hard to see when she goes EVEN further. However, in September, she totally owned her UI and persona responsibilities whilst excelling at her design work. She was as reliable as the sunrise and went above and beyond to deliver additional design work for a key client on a moment’s notice. From regular client contact to cracking the whip on standards, she is the living embodiment of the StrategiQ way!”

“My MVP nomination for September 2019 is Tom Cox. On top of his usual client work, Tom has absolutely grabbed the LinkedIn video paid ad by the balls and showed it who’s boss! His expertise around the positioning of the ad has been exceptional (as always) but he has really gone the extra mile coming up with specific ad sets for the four buyer personas and personalising the text around each one to appeal to them. He really has taken what has been asked of him and added an extra 200% to get it over the line. Now we just need to sit back, relax and let those leads pour in (no pressure!).”


“This month I nominate Phil. He’s hit the ground running since starting, I have to keep reminding myself this guy has only been here a couple of months! With a great work ethic, helpfulness and attitude, it’s easy to see why he’s already well ingrained within the company. Huge respect for making such a positive impact on the company in such a short space of time.”

“Oli has been steady as a rock since coming into the business. Time after time he has delighted clients and impressed with his knowledge and communication skills. He is showing the attitude and character that will be invaluable to the agency as we move into a new era for our search/SEO offering. Oli will very much deserve a duvet day with the amount of new SEO delivery and responsibility that has already started to land at his feet!”

As with every month, there was an awesome array of nominations, but there can only be one winner! This month, our winner is a master of all things code, a pillar of support for his team and the champion of successful site launches.

You got it, our winner this month is Tom Wake!


Let’s take a look at some nominations for our head of development – you won’t find any careless whispers here…

“Tom Wake is absolutely relentless. Multiple sites launched last month, tricky leadership challenges met head-on and plugging the project management gap that is soon to be filled. Not only can he run at least ten times further than most of us, but it turns out he can juggle three times as many roles as well! Have a rest Tom, before the sleepless nights of fatherhood creep up!”

“I’ve been dealing directly with Tom a lot in terms of additional work that comes through, and he’s been bossing it. There’s a loads of client comms and scoping out of work which takes a lot of time and has resulted in a considerable additional revenue for us and some exceptionally happy clients. He’s been a great support for Kish and is working incredibly hard to step up and manage the team as well as spinning all the plates of being head of development!”

Tom’s extra hard work has really shone through this month, and it’s all paid off with a glorious MVP win (and of course, happy clients!).

Congratulations Tom – enjoy the freedom of a duvet day and a dinner out on us!

Fancy winning your very own MVP award? Take a look at our careers page or get in touch with us to find out more about becoming one of the team!

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