Be & Em – Two New Starters for the Price of One…

5 min read by Charles Craik 13 Sep 2019

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It’s time to welcome the latest new StrategiQ team members into the Suffolk office! This time around, we’ve got a pair of proper gems with marketing master Emma Squires and design demon Be Peters!

Let’s get to know Emma and Be a little better…

Joining the team as a Marketing Executive, Emma started her career with aspirations to become a teacher. However, a slight change of path saw her fall into internal communications in local government, and eventually into in-house digital marketing, from which she never looked back!

Emma is a self-confessed information hoarder and loves to learn – as you can tell by her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Studies, Diploma in Digital Marketing and Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Diploma in Professional Marketing.

In her spare time, Emma loves to hang out with her doggy Fudge, and will be a friend for life if dogs are your preferred topic of conversation. Me too, Emma. Her other pastimes include bingeing the TV show Friends while cuddling her real-life hugsy, eating (she’ll fit in well here) and listening to Westlife, who her husband – also one of her favourite things– bought her tickets to see for the fifth time recently.

In the words of Chandler Bing… could it BE any better?

Well, Emma is also a huge fan of GIFs and says there’s a GIF for everything. Which we know, of course, is absolutely true.


If all of that isn’t enough, Emma also enjoys the challenge of going climbing – working out the routes, overcoming fears and anxieties about heights and falling (no thanks). She has also run the Race For Life for the last six years and will be doing so again in 2020 with the full intention of running the full 5k this time – no walking breaks! She ran the most recent one for her beloved pooch who was diagnosed with cancer and thankfully survived to tell the tale. Any excuse for posting a dog picture, here’s a snap of gorgeous Fudge modelling the medal!fudge with medal

So, Emma, Why did you pick StrategiQ?

“I’ve been following the business on social media for a while and I loved everything I read, as well as hearing some great reviews from anyone who knew them! I still have a lot to learn, but I knew as soon as I came in for that first chat that this was the best place to do that learning. ‘Why StrategiQ?’ is an easy question; I think the question should be, ‘Why not StrategiQ?’”

Why not, indeed.

So let’s delve a little more into the life of designer Be Peters, who joined StrategiQ after spending the last five years in Worcester.

Be is Suffolk born and bred but moved to Worcester when she started her BA in Graphic Design and Multimedia at the University of Worcester. After attaining an impressive 2:1, Be got a part-time job as a creative designer for a small local agency that worked closely with SMEs and non-profit companies. After some time, she moved on to a new job as a graphic designer, working with a kitchenware manufacturer to illustrate patterns, develop products and design packaging for major retailers like Sainsbury’s, Lakeland and TKMaxx.

While working, Be completed an MA in Design Management in and around her full-time job – taking time to study at lunchtimes, evenings, weekends and before work. That is dedication! Well, it all paid off, because she went on to graduate with a 1st before deciding to move back to the motherland of sunny old Suffolk.

A little more about Be

Be loves a good dance and is a proper music, gig and festival lover – with an eclectic music taste ranging from house and rave music at the likes of Creamfields, all the way through to heavy metal at festivals like Bloodstock.

Her happy place is by the seaside, with the calm of the ocean a reminder of how small we are on such a big planet – something that helps her bring clarity and perspective to life.


So why did Be choose StrategiQ?

“I was so excited to join StrategiQ because of the strong focus on education and genuine care for employees. Being a natural-born student, I’m happy to have found somewhere that will encourage growth and allow me to work hard for a company that shares the same core values as me.”

We’re proud to have you both on board. Welcome to the family, Be and Emma!

If you fancy joining Emma, Be and the rest of our brilliant team, how about checking out our careers page or getting in touch for a chat?

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