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8 min read by Levi Clucas 3 Sep 2020

It’s September. The start of autumn, pumpkin spiced lattes and the run-up to the Christmas period for us marketers. And the kids are going back to school… kind of. Things are starting to feel a little more normal than they have for the last six months, but at StrategiQ, we’ve been full speed ahead doing our utmost to weather the unusual storm that has been 2020.

One thing that has remained normal throughout the last six months has been our monthly MVP award. For those new to us, the MVP award is a monthly accolade given to the person in the company that is classed as the month’s Most Valuable Player. The winner receives a meal out on the company and an extra day in bed, known as a duvet day.

August’s winner will be taking the crown from Tyler, July’s MVP. It’s tough competition thanks to our incredibly high standards and general ‘give a shit’ attitude we’ve cultivated over the years. Our MVPs are not just those doing their day jobs well, but those who go above and beyond and show excellence in their role.

Let’s delve into some of the best nominations for this month’s MVP…

“Oli has been a deserving winner of MVP for the past few months, but this month he’s truly gone above and beyond! Never one to sit still, he’s always looking for new opportunities and making sure that work is completed to the highest of standards in order to delight the client. He’s been a great support to Levi, and more recently Sophie, making sure they’re never left in the dark and actively sharing his expertise. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also making great strides in building his personal brand, delivering industry talks and rubbing shoulders with SEO big-wigs! Oli, you’re a worthy winner of this month’s MVP.”

“Mike has been working flat out since his return on a variety of projects, from client projects to our own internal video series. Mike has been more organised, more focused and showcased his expertise time and time again without losing his positive and caring side that we all love. With Mike being out of the office for huge periods of time, it’s easy to forget the impact he has on our clients’ businesses and our own. Mike demonstrates MVP qualities every month and I hope that August is his month to be recognised!”

“This month my nomination goes to Ian who has been operating outside of his comfort zone with the move to business development. Ian has consistently demonstrated his drive, determination and unwavering care to see StrategiQ and his colleagues succeed. This month he has learned a lot, taken criticism in his stride and pushed forward to deliver some of his first sales wins, alongside making a huge amount of impact supporting the wider sales and marketing strategy. I’m excited to watch him continue to develop and evolve. Keep up the good work!”


“Simon is my obvious pick for MVP this month (and most months to be honest). Simon has gone the extra mile for the company, whether that’s dropping his Saturday plans to help on a site-critical issue or constantly being on hand to tackle whatever technical issue is thrown his way by various members of the team with a smile (his webcam isn’t always turned on so I can’t verify this fact). Somehow, despite all the constant interruption and curveballs, Simon has also launched the new section of the OS which will propel the company forward in terms of our training processes. Simon is a legend and all agencies should have one. Cheers Si!”

“Often in MVP nominations, Adam gets called an unsung hero. Well, I think it is about time this hero is sung. His attention to detail is next to none; a couple of times this month, he caught typos and errors that nobody else has and flagged them so that they can be fixed before it becomes a big problem. He always has a constantly stacked workload but always makes time to lend an eye when asked and never falters from his professional demeanour. These may seem like small things individually, but when you add them over over a period of time, you realise what a big difference this makes. I imagine that even just listening to this nomination, he will have spotted three spelling mistakes and a grammatical error. Who needs Grammarly when you have an Adam on your team?” (Not sponsored by Grammarly)


That’s a lot of serotonin right there! We really are proud of the achievements of every team member every month – it seems harder and harder to decide who to nominate, the longer you’re part of the team. Having been at StrategiQ for a number of years, I’ve seen so many amazing things come out of my colleagues here that would be worthy of industry-level awards, let alone the MVP award.

But, without any further ado, let’s announce our winner for August!

August’s winner is a scandalously stoic web developer who creates laughter wherever he goes with his witty sense of humour and puts his all into everything he does to get things just right. The Goldilocks of developing if you will… just without any locks.

He embodies StrategiQ’s values, cares intensely about his clients and lives our integrated style down to a T. You guessed it, August’s MVP winner is none other than Sean Scannell! Let’s read some of his nominations…

“Big Sean. Sean Don. The Notorious S.E.A.N. Sean went above and beyond picking up email template amends at short notice – on top of an already busy schedule – and put in a herculean effort to deliver a great piece of work on a deadline, only to then follow that up a few days later with another fantastic quality template that delighted yet another client. Zero amends needed. You love to see it.”

“Sean put an absolute shift in this month, often working late into the evening to get jobs done with a tight deadline. He’s constantly dedicated to whatever task is put in front and him and always delivers. Give that man a duvet day.”

“I am just going to keep voting for this man until he gets the MVP he deserves. I love working with Sean because he will always ensure he is putting his projects first even if that means working past his contracted hours. He won’t rest until it exceeds my expectations. Give that man a duvet day!” Anybody else getting DeJaVu…? 


“Sean has gone above and beyond again this month; his attention to detail epitomises the way we want to work and his drive to push himself with every new site results in every website going to another level. Incredible work again this month, Sean; it doesn’t go unnoticed!”

“Shout out to Duncan for his impeccable support on any occasion and Oli for his outright dedication on some enormous, really exciting projects that wouldn’t have been so successful without him. However, I think Sean really, REALLY deserves something to congratulate him for his incredible work over the past two months (and longer, but these two especially) so he gets my vote. He worked so hard on some of our biggest projects to date, offers his expertise in a constructive way and happily listens to others to work out what the best course of action is. He considers everything from aesthetics to usability and SEO during his builds, works closely with designers to keep close to briefs and he’s just generally one of my favourite people to work with! He’s always up for a laugh to keep the mood light when things can be tough as well, which is admirable when you’re really up against it. Sean demonstrates huge dedication not only to his work but also to learning and developing himself and helping others to do so too. Well done for all your awesome work, Sean. You rock!”


Wowee, so much love for Sean this month. It’s clear as to why he’s been crowned MVP for August. Congratulations on your win, Sean. Enjoy your duvet day and dinner on us!

Do you fancy winning MVP one day? We’re always up for speaking to passionate people, so get in touch with us to find out more about our career opportunities, or take a look at our careers page.

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