Put a shrimp on the Barbie for our MV-Kiwi!

7 min read by Charles Craik 6 Aug 2020

Somehow we’re in August already – in the longest year ever in existence, we’ve made it to August! What would usually be everyone’s favourite month to bugger off on holiday and have a jolly is instead going to be a month of head-down and getting through the next wave of whatever is coming our way (because who knows what’s next!) in true StrategiQ spirit.

July was another great month of busyness – site launches, welcoming new faces and new clients, and also preparing for a staggered return to the office. As it is the turn of the month, it’s also time to relieve Kirsty of her MVP crown and place it atop of another winner’s head. The monthly MVP award is the highest of praise – whoever gets the most votes from the team wins a day off on the house, known as a ‘duvet day’, and a dinner out on the company. Let’s have a gander at some of the best nominations for July.

“Emma is a “doer”, as in she just gets sh*t done. I love that even if she has never done something before, she is always proactive in finding out how to overcome problems or improve a current process or skill. This month she has demonstrated on a few occasions that she isn’t afraid to take on a challenge and pick up something new. She will ask for help when she needs it but always ensures others have everything they need to complete a task. I know that she’s been putting in a lot of work in her own time this month, not because she’s been behind but because she really truly gives a sh*t. Her positive energy and keen determination makes her a StrategiQ teamie through and through, but seriously, give this girl a break!”

“In a month where it has never been so obvious that everyone is giving it their all to deliver for our clients, it’s been tough to select a single person to pinpoint for MVP. But with that said, my MVP for July goes to Sean. More man than machine, Sean has gone the extra mile constantly over the last two weeks, even when others have told him to stop and get some sleep. That level of commitment is rare so thank you, Scannell. Now get some rest!”


“Be has been such great support throughout July, but it’s her tenacity, drive to improve her skill-set and willingness to get it right for the client that makes her stand out to me. Every brief she’s been provided with she asks the right questions, making sure to really understand the why, how and what of each task. She’s really impressed me with how far she’s come, congrats Be, I can see how hard you are working and it doesn’t go unnoticed by your colleagues!”

“Keiran delivers on every level. His work is top-notch, he asks the right questions and he ensures that we always look awesome, whether it’s a new logo, website design or our own social assets. I can’t count the number of times Keiran’s work has impressed me this month. Thank you.”

“Dunc the func is a complete machine. Without question, day or night, if something needs fixing, scoping, updating, questioning, quoting, completing, creating, setting live, taking down, taking up, taking sideways, he is there. He’s put an absolute shift in this month and is always willing to help everyone on the team even when he is stacked. Give that man a duvet day!”


“My nomination for July goes to James! I’m pretty sure James never sleeps – he’s always on call, going above and beyond to delight clients and support the growth of the team. He does a great job in supporting both the dev and marketing team in actioning requests from clients, which most of the time aren’t straightforward! Not only is he helping with client delivery, but he’s also a true mascot of our values and a key player in growing the business. James deserves a duvet day to escape from his attic and catch up on sleep!”

So many members of the team have put their all in to keep our clients happy, maintain our values and also help each other out, that once again it was a tough battle to the top. Our top contenders were Sean, Be, Emma and Tyler – but there can only be one winner!

This month’s winner is a particularly popular personality in the StrategiQ team, and has been since he joined. He is passionate, hard-working, detailed, resilient and efficient and stands by our values in every waking moment. Whilst that could be any of the above, this one stands out, particularly because he says ‘websites’ weird. You got it, it’s our favourite happy Kiwi, Tyler Webb-Harding!


Tyler works incredibly hard to support, schedule and direct the production team with building fancy and functional ‘wibsites’, designing beautiful things and generally being the awesome people they are, as well as working hands-on with clients to manage projects to ensure they’re on time, within budget and to the highest of StrategiQ standards.

Here’s what the team thought of Tyler in July…

“I am in awe of Tyler’s stamina. He just keeps going and going. The integration of Scoro into this business has been peppered with difficulties and sometimes really quite painful. But the difference it is making in terms of process is out of this world. It is making my life so much easier, and I can now work so more efficiently and effectively. The knock-on impact on clients will be significant. If it wasn’t for Tyler and his commitment to Scoro, we would not be in the positive place we are in now.”

“Tyler like many always has a lot to balance, but whenever I call him he is positive and welcoming despite clearly spinning plates. His commerciality with processes and forward-thinking about solving issues for the business and people are really developing and helping us prepare for the future. This control only comes from living our values coupled with staying focused and working hard. MVP for me ”


“Quite how Tylah hasn’t won MVP yet, I’m not sure, but this time he’s gotta have it. This month he’s continued to develop and streamline our processes with the introduction of the new QA system, and it doesn’t matter how big or small the issue is, you can count on Tylah to find a potential solution and see it all the way through to get a great result. Cheers Tylah. 🇳🇿 🇳🇿 🇳🇿”

Tyler has been close to the post so many times in the past, but this time he’s finally made it and deservedly so. Congratulations Tyler, enjoy your duvet day and dinner on us!

Fancy winning yourself an MVP award? Why not take a look at our careers page or get in touch with us? We’d love to chat!

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