Simon Says: Clap Your Hands

5 min read by Charles Craik 14 Jun 2018

Simon MVP

It’s June and you know what that means! It’s the inevitable news that the MVP crown must be passed to someone who undoubtedly deserves it – and this month, there was a clear winner.

But before we get there, let’s take a look back at May. In May, we had a lot of great news – we had two anniversaries, Amy and Levi celebrated a whole year at StrategiQ, (though they both said they feel like part of the furniture already!) we had exciting site launches, some fantastic blogs, some super cool A/B testing and some really engaging training sessions – to break up all of the GDPR emails flooding our inboxes (let’s face it – we all unsubscribed from SO. MANY. EMAILS.)

So, after a top-notch month, lots of reflecting and some awesome work on behalf of everybody in the team, we had to make that hard decision again about who was worthy of the MVP title for May. Here are some of the best nominations from May’s bunch:

“This month my nomination for MVP goes to Tom Cox. Tom’s hard work across our social offering continues to shine through, however, it’s all of the extra work outside of this that makes Tom a worthy MVP. From writing thought-leading blogs to creating and championing innovative ways campaigns for clients that are getting results. Also using and building upon knowledge taken away from industry conferences to help form our output. This is what it’s all about. Keep up the great work Tom!”

“I would like to vote for Nick Woolnough as my MVP. Nick is a real leader and since taking on the marketing team management, he’s really pushed the whole marketing team forward. There aren’t many better mentors than Nick and he is always careful to offer constructive and actionable feedback and defined how we can best move forward. When away from the office, Nick’s instructions were really clear and his clients had been tightly managed, so there was minimal stuff to do in his absence, and when he got back, it was like he’d never been away. Well done Nick.”

“My MVP nomination for May is Chris P! Although he’s not on my workbench, he’s definitely a member of the team I hear regular good news about. Even when he was spending his month busy with his diary full to the brim, he still found time in his day to help me with some smaller tasks. He’s also been a real motivator outside of work too, encouraging me to go that mile extra on my Strava.”

We’re all at it now because Chris P and Tom Wake kept showing the rest of us up with all of their blooming medals! (We’re fixing this by doing Tough Mudder.) What a fabulous bunch of nominations – but the best is yet to come!

We had an outstanding winner from the get-go this month. It doesn’t often happen, but every now and then, there’s one person who really shines. This month, that person was Simon.

Here are some of the nominations that led to Simon’s crowning as MVP – we don’t like him… we love him! *simon cowell meme*


“I’d like to nominate Si this month, seeing as he has fixed so many things for me in his own time as well as help me with ‘I CAN’T DO THIS BECAUSE I’M NOT A DEV’ requests. He freestyles code so well I’m starting to wonder if he really is a human or AI sent from the future. This one’s for you Si, you crazy developer futuristic robot man.” – Possibly the best MVP nomination to date. 

“My MVP goes to Simon. Presenting to the whole team really put him out of his comfort zone and he has not only taught us all valuable stuff but he’s also taken a big leap forward. His work over a weekend, identifying and actioning a security breach was above the call of duty, and his client communication and updates have set the benchmark for the rest of the production team, he’s the most consistent and this month is no exception.”

“This month I would like to nominate Simon for MVP. Firstly, it is clear that he spent a considerable amount of his own time and consideration in preparing his security presentation. The information he gave was extremely informative and will put us in good stead for the future. All of this in addition to the amazing work he has clearly been doing to help with the launch of client sites and, in partnership with Dan, helping to exponentially increase rankings for particular clients. Top notch.”

It’s a YES from us! Well done Simon, you fully deserve your MVP win, and hope you enjoy your duvet day and dinner on us!

If you’d like to become part of the StrategiQ team and have the chance to become an MVP, take a look at our Job Listings – we’re currently hiring for a Senior Marketing Consultant and Web Developer.

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