We opted in and chose Lauren as April’s MVP

8 min read by Levi Clucas 13 May 2021

It’s that time of the month again, when we chew the ends of our pens and pencils to consider who we will each nominate as the team member who we think has gone above and beyond to surprise and delight and has made an impact on the business, which is second to none. 

It is always a well contended award and April has been a busy month with the team exploring the power of immersive imagery, discussions around R&D and taking a deep dive view of our UK Dev Award win with Reuters News Agency … with lots of fantastic work being achieved across the business – who will be crowned MVP for April?

In the running this month, with some fantastic feedback was:

“It’s become clear to me that it’s just as important to have people have your back as it is to be organised, in life and at work – and that’s why Adam gets my vote this month. He’s thorough (beyond belief), mindful, considerate and focused, always knows exactly what’s needed and by when – and if he’s not able to deliver it he takes the necessary steps to ensure people are either aware or that the task is planned in with someone else. He supports others, never critical if something hasn’t been delivered, always understanding and helping to support when there’s an issue – of any kind. And over and above all of this, his work is exceptional, no stone has been left unturned and there are times I’m stunned with his attention to detail and the care he invests into everything he does.”

“I am voting for Be for her relentless pursuit to be the best she can “be”. I never get tired of working on projects with Be, she takes every brief as a learning exercise and wholeheartedly takes on the accountability not just on the visuals but the whole project; whether she is responding to client comms, or chasing the developer for the information she needs, she doesn’t rest until it is the StrategiQ standard. More importantly, when she knows she has made a mistake she will do everything in her power to learn from it and not let it happen and again. A real powerhouse in the design team and for the company.”

“This month, I have to nominate the one and only Kieran – who has absolutely smashed his latest web design project, working with a brand that we didn’t create and that was designed primarily for print. The client is absolutely over the moon, coming back with very few amends. Not to mention, he only went and designed a whole site in a week…a record maybe? Listening to Kieran present his website has been a pleasure too. His confidence is growing with every meeting and it’s been lovely to watch and be a part of. He continues to challenge decisions rather than just being a yes man, giving his justification for his design choices, so the client buys into every aspect. Kieran is just a machine, starting his new animation course in the evenings and weekends, staying late to absolutely smash animations for social media and coming up with some awesome animation ideas for clients. Well done Kieran! Thank you for all your hard work this month.”

“Levi has been quietly working on developing her expertise and personal brand, often overlooked but certainly no less deserving of recognition for her work. This month she has once again promoted her skill set and StrategiQ by partnering with Traject to discuss the impact of Local SEO on the Agency Ahead podcast. Given she has been responsible for writing and injected her personality into every MVP blog for the past couple years I feel it is long overdue we recognise and reward her development, perseverance, impact and growth by having someone write an MVP blog about her accomplishments.”

I can’t help but agree here… 

“Phill is always quietly cracking on in the background and doesn’t really shout about himself much, but he’s really had an impact on the SEO team. Thanks to Phill’s working with Tyler and the team, the website process is much smoother, the SEOs have more say in the sites and the team is a lot happier in general. Phill has also given a couple of really interesting run-throughs of R&D work he’s done and the FDF categorisation work which was a great example of a Mark Robb style presentation. All in all, I think Phill has done an amazing job since he’s joined but his impact has really shown in the last month and for that, I think he deserves a day off!”

And the award goes to?

Email Marketing superstar, Lauren Oliver! Lauren has really been top of the nominations this month and she definitely deserves it as recognition of her passion and expertise in the world of email. A hugely deserved award this month, to someone who lives, eats, breathes marketing. Someone who is passionate about the strength of data and how to use it to drive impactful campaigns – plus she loves GDPR (she deserves an MVP just for that). Always caring, always an expert, becoming stronger commercially (she always knows the background to her recommendations) and pushing herself to be more ambitious and step out of her comfort zone is why Lauren has proven her worthiness for April’s MVP.

“I’m nominating Lauren this month. I was so impressed with the GDPR presentation she delivered this month and even more impressed that she took on board the tips and advice from the Mark Robb training session. Knowing she will have put herself out of her comfort zone for me means her putting the company and her team first. General feedback from the team is that she is always happy to help out and even more happy to share her knowledge. I think having Lauren on the team makes us so much stronger  and I think we’re not seeing her full potential so I for one can’t wait to see what further impact and value she will have!”

“My nomination this month goes to Lauren. Her presentation on GDPR this month was very informative and insightful. You can tell that the addition of Lauren to the team has had a big impact on how we’ll deal with compliance for our clients and keeping them safe in the future.”

“It’s time Lauren’s under the radar expertise gets recognised. Always available to offer help and guidance on best practice that not only protects our backs but our clients too, and this was showcased when she took the time and care to share her expertise with us for the GDPR session. The letters GDPR is enough to send some people into a coma, but Lauren used some of the Mark Robb learnings to deliver important information in an engaging and understandable style. Well done Lauren.”

“Over the last month Lauren has demonstrated her knowledge and expertise with the following ‘go the extra mile’ activity: She professionally showcased the pro’s of using Dot Digital, which well outweighed the con’s – it was as though she was on a sales commission from Dot Digital. Unprompted, she provided a draft blog focusing on the importance of A/B testing, presented a GDPR presentation – a real solid review and 101 presentation, delivered with confidence and knowledge and has been quick to respond and give feedback/thoughts on how to demonstrate email-marketing excellence for clients and StrategiQ. A real star within the team and lots more to come, I’m sure.”

Well done Lauren. Your energy, drive and ambition is a real asset to the team and you certainly deserve a duvet day… although try not to dream about GDPR!

If you fancy being part of a team with a great culture, that recognises and celebrates each other’s achievements, get in touch with us or check out our careers page to see if there is a conversation to be started. 


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