AIDA – How Your Website Converts Visitors


Thousands of website owners across endless industries consider actual visits to the site as their most important measurable as to the website’s success in context with the business. Importantly, many of these website owners fail to consider the overall value and worth of the visitors that they receive, thinking only quantitively. The misunderstanding is bred from a failure to recognise the importance of a website’s bounce rate in the sites actual success.

With this in mind, companies, marketers and web designers have to consider how they are working to engage and ultimately convert their audiences on the site within a very short period of time, thus reducing the site’s bounce rate. This can de done using AIDA, a very simple four point system:


The first, and arguably most important point of AIDA is Attention. A website initially has three seconds with which to capture the attention of its visitors. It does this through consideration of three important factors; space, colour and image. Web visitors will immediately make assessment of how these three factors are utilised, and will either be enticed to remain on the site and engage with the product on offer, or will be compelled to quickly bounce, becoming another unhappy statistic on the site’s bounce rate.


AIDA’s second point will develop the user’s immediate attention and become a commanding factor behind the eventual action of the site visitor. Once their attention has been grasped, site visitors will be looking for motives to engage in the services of this particular site, in other words, buying motives. Thus sites should focus on the advantages and benefits of engaging and investing in the service. Websites have a further three to ten seconds for this stage of the AIDA process.


The third point of AIDA sees sites convincing customers that they want, or ‘desire’ the product or service that the site has to offer. Ultimately, it is this step in the process that will determine the success of the website and its goal in selling its service or product.


The final step in the AIDA process is literally sealing the deal. Offering a call to action, either to call, book, purchase or whatever needs the service might have, the site should offer an easily visible mechanic, which will help the positive action of the site equate to a measurable success. The average web user is an impatient individual, so this process should happen swiftly to ensure that each visitor to the site is given ample opportunity to convert into a buyer.

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