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6 min read by Charles Craik 13 Nov 2020

November is always a busy month, preparing for the Christmas period and thinking about plans for the coming new year. This year has of course been different from what we’re used to, which means we’re not sure what to expect when it comes to Christmas. One thing we can certainly depend on happening is our monthly MVP award!

October was one of our busiest months to date when it comes to launching websites, onboarding new clients and strategising to prepare for what’s coming as best we can. It was also an incredibly busy month for MVP nominations, with a huge range across the board but 3 or 4 clear standout nominees. Let’s take a look at some of the top votes this month.

“This month Andy is my MVP. I’ve been on a massive rollercoaster journey this month and have found that Andy has kept me grounded and redirected my thinking, clearing my diary for essential tasks and organising meetings that have needed additional direction and guidance. Andy has been a huge support during 1-1s meetings, available for questions, listening to me vent and there to bounce ideas off! All of this has enabled me to clear my mind of unnecessary worry and workloads to start thinking more about client opportunities. Thanks, Andy, I really appreciate it!”

“Poppy continues to impress by delivering incredible results to our clients even with limited budgets. On top of the results, she even made time (along with Levi) to share that expertise like an absolute pro for the TurnDigi stream. Well done Poppy, you deserve a day off!”


“My nomination this month goes to Sean. His innovative work is awesome and shows what crazy creative solutions we can achieve for a client. I already know without asking him that he was probably working late some evenings to get projects done, which Tyler is constantly telling him not to do but it shows how dedicated he is.”

“Josh is exactly what we’ve been missing. He brings tonnes of expertise, a positive attitude and copious amounts of data wizardry. I’m already enjoying working with him and look forward to pinching some of his formulas! Yes it’s his day job, but Josh’s impact on the business has been transformational. He has brought a whole new specialism of expertise to our marketing and creative delivery and is already being pulled from all corners of the business like a Stretch Armstrong on Christmas Day. This month in particular despite being incredibly busy has seen exceptional delivery work across every client we work on together. He’s just had two days off but let’s give him another so he can charge that beautiful mind – Russell Crowe style.”

“Hatii is an Olympic grade plate spinner and one of the safest pairs of hands in the agency. Members of the Midlands studio are often overlooked in the nominations as we don’t get the pleasure of working so closely with them on a day to day basis but they certainly deserve the recognition. This month has been a whirlwind for us all but I have consistently impressed with the broad range of complex and multi-disciplined projects Hatii has been handling with composure and grace; this coupled with her client first and caring approach to account management has delighted clients alleviated anxieties and driven projects forward with laser-sharp focus. Keep it up, you absolute weapon!”


Some absolutely great nominations for October’s MVP, but now it’s time to find out who took the crown. It was a close one this month, with Poppy, Sean, Duncan (AKA Dave) and Josh all taking similar numbers of votes, but one person just topped it.

That person is a Magento developer to the stars. He’s dependable, kind, dedicated, honest and an all-round funny guy. You guessed it, October’s MVP was none other than Lead Developer Duncan ‘Dave’ Brown!

Let’s read some of Duncan’s nominations!

“One word for this man RELENTLESS….. You could argue that Duncan was doing his job launching his recent projects, which is true. However, this was an incredibly complicated project where Duncan had only recently begun working on Magento 2. It’s a project that has challenged his expertise and commerciality throughout; it also tested his mental resilience constantly by challenging his knowledge and application skills. However, it was launched carefully and successfully whilst maintaining a happy client and his hard work has crafted a great relationship that is hoped to continue in that fashion”

“There’s been a lot of people worth a nomination this month but Duncan has gone above and beyond this month which is why he gets my vote. Duncan always has time to support a member of the StrategiQ team and lend his expertise where needed. The launch of a new Magento website is a big achievement as they are often long and tricky projects. Duncan puts in the effort during work time and when needed sacrifices his own time for the need of colleagues or clients.”

“This month has been so tricky to choose just one person. Be has done some great work with elevating design within our social offering – teaching the marketing department on templates and the presentation of her work for social campaigns which we can now offer to our clients. Sean has been incredible with the work on his latest project and overcome some incredibly complex technical challenges and delivered a product that we’re executing exceptionally well. A HUGE achievement Sean!

However, for me, this month’s nomination goes to Duncan. He has been a machine in getting some of his most challenging work over the line and worked incredibly long days/nights to get it to completion for the last two months. He has had all manner of challenges and amends from the client coupled with the various curve balls that Magento throws at developers. In addition, Duncan has been incredibly supportive in ensuring that fixes are resolved ahead of busy seasons for many eCommerce clients in the run-up to Christmas. The last few months could have broken him but in true “Slam Dunc da Funk” style he has persevered without complaint and still has a smile on his face.”

Truly a worthy MVP winner is Duncan! Thanks for all your hard work, enjoy your duvet day and lockdown takeaway on us!

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