TurnDigi October 2020 – Levi & Poppy Talk SEO and PPC

3 min read by Phil McEwan 2 Nov 2020

Two of the StrategiQ family recently battled personal fears and took part in an online industry-wide conference. The conference is known as TurnDigi, and exceptionally well organised by Juliana Turnbull, also known as ‘SEO Jo Blogs’.

The event spanned over a whole day and included participants from 7 different nationalities and a bundle of different time zones! To find out more about the other speakers, go to the TurnDigi website here.

However, we thought we’d make it easy to enjoy the Local SEO and PPC expertise of Levi and Poppy right here! Below you can watch Poppy’s talk:

How not to get ripped off by Google Ads (sorry Google) – Poppy Mace

Why Local SEO should be part of your strategy, even if you think it shouldn’t be – Levi Williams-Clucas

You can find each speaker, including the first session’s speakers, below:

Session 1: (watch here)

Roxana Stingu – Web core vitals and the performance report
Sheri Mandour – Social Media tips to elevate your marketing strategy
Anne Chiew – How to get buy-in from your boss for your SEO initiatives

Session 2:

Amanda Jordan – Local SEO for cities without a physical address
Levi Williams-Clucas – Why local should be part of your strategy, even if you think it shouldn’t be
David Sayce – Checking the Health of Your Website

Session 3:

Steve Morgan – 10 Ways to Get More SEO Clients
Poppy Mace – How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Google Ads
Francine Rodriguez   – Google Ads Shopping for Beginners

Got questions for the speakers? Let us know, we’re always happy to help!

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