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3 min read by Charles Craik 1 Jun 2021

We’re welcoming another new face to the StrategiQ team! Our newest addition to the family is one we’ve been after for some time to develop (hehe) and expand our host of super-skilled developers.

Please welcome Lead Developer, Joshua Clare-Flagg!

Let’s find out some more about Josh…

Josh started his working life fresh out of college as an electrician, completing both home and industrial installations, as well as being a security systems engineer. As he worked hard learning to be a sparky, Josh also started working through various multimedia courses, and after five years of practising as an electrician, he got the offer to join an agency as its very first employee.

Josh worked in development at the Rugby-based agency for almost a decade, slowly working his way up to eventually lead the development team. His faithful service to the agency and hard work built him an enormous skillset and has enabled him to become the developer he is today.

What does Josh do for fun?

Affectionately known as Squashy, Josh is a man of many pleasures, but his main passion is his blog and review site, where he discusses watches of all shapes and sizes! Josh does all of his own photography, videography and writing, so the majority of his spare time is spent doing exactly that.

Josh’s other passions include music and football – he’s a keen musician, playing a number of instruments since he was at school. He currently plays drums in his band, but also loves to play guitar, bass and a bit of piano for good measure. Finally, Josh loves a bit of footy to keep himself moving but also likes to chill out on the sofa and watch the pros play.

Why did you join StrategiQ?

“After nearly a decade of faithful service which eventually led me to lead the development department, I felt like it was time to start a new, fresh and exciting chapter in my life. I came across StrategiQ and immediately fell in love with what the agency stood for – the company values perfectly align with my personal ones, and as soon as I talked to James and Tom I knew we were a perfect match!”

Welcome to StrategiQ Squash- I mean Josh… we’re excited to have you!

Wanna join the fam? Take a look at our current open positions, or just get in touch. We’re always open to passionate people!

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