The ping-pong queen takes MVP for June

6 min read by Charles Craik 4 Jul 2023

It’s hard to believe that we’re already on our 6th MVP for 2023 and that we’ve hit the halfway point of the year.

As we close out Q2 and head into the thick of summer, some may argue that this feels like a quieter period of the year; a moment in time to pause and reflect, to set goals for the next quarter, and maybe to plan a holiday or two.

While we’re all for enjoying the summer fun, we certainly aren’t slowing down any time soon. As a business, we’re more focused than ever; refining our vision and strategy for the second half of the year, both for our clients and for ourselves.

This all ties in nicely with what seems to be the running theme across MVP nominations this month: work ethic. The focus and commitment among StrategiQ’s team members is something we take great pride in, and sits at the heart of all the brilliant work they do.

The monthly MVP award is the perfect opportunity to recognise all this great work, so let’s see what the team members have been saying about each other this month.

June’s top three

In third place this month was our marvellous Marketing Strategist, Gemma Raw.

Gemma only joined us in May, and is making a huge impact across the business already:

“Gemma has come into the business and hit the ground running. She has gone head first into the strategy side of her role, as well as the account management, and has crucially provided expert resource for the CX team at a pivotal time. In terms of impact on the business, relieving Lauren Boyton (Head of Customer Experience) and allowing her to focus on the numerous sales opportunities currently around us has been massive – it could be a game changer for the CX service line. This should not be underestimated! Keep it up Gemma – you have been great!”

The runner-up this time around is our deft designer and creative mastermind, Max Buch.

Max’s ability to weave a concept into a visual design and bring an idea to life has been delighting both clients and colleagues alike, with some incredible work being produced this month.

“I’ve been especially impressed with Max’s work ethic this month. His drive to complete not only his work to deadlines, but support the rest of the team, jump onto urgent work and pull a late one to keep projects on track has been inspirational. Max has been an indispensable member of the team this month. Max, keep up the great work!”

And finally, the MVP crown for June 2023 officially goes to…

Corrie Jones!

Corrie – our social-savvy, opportunity-spotting, content marketing queen – founded her own social media agency, Untapped Digital, and joined the StrategiQ team after the two businesses merged at the end of 2022. She now heads up our Content & Social teams, bringing her bright ideas and magic touch to all projects under the content umbrella.

She leads with passion and expertise, she dedicates her time to the learning of others, and she puts her heart and soul into ping-pong games at social media conferences. You can’t ask for much more than that!

“Corrie gets my vote. Her work ethic is amazing and she’s getting involved and having an impact in so many areas. From taking on a new team, delivering personal branding sessions resulting in more opportunities across the business. Definitely deserving of a duvet day.”

“This month my vote has to go to Corrie, her motivation and expertise don’t go unnoticed. She’s taken on an extra team this month, she helps & supports everyone where she can and puts on sessions such as the personal branding presentation, which has been a great help to so many members of the team. The constant flow of good news on the OS is evidence to all of her hard work. Keep being great, Corrie!”

Congratulations, Corrie – now put the paddle down and enjoy your duvet day!

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