The Lean, Keen, MVP Winnin’ Roisin

9 min read by Charles Craik 10 Dec 2020

It’s the final month of a mammoth, crazy year, which means it’s the final 2020 MVP announcement. November was a busy month, as we settled in a huge bunch of new recruits from the last couple of months and started to execute work for the Christmas period, as well as wrapping up the year ready for 2021 strategies with clients.

Of course, it being December means it’s time for Christmas festivities – as best we can in the situation we’re in – so we’ve got the tree up in the offices and we’re enjoying our festive snacks and Christmas bangers that are keeping us going til the end of the year.

Our MVP this month has certainly taken the year in their stride – but first, let’s read some of the nominations for our runners up!

“This girl is relentless. No matter what she has on, she is always willing to go above and beyond to help her team and our clients. Her genuine positive mindset and focus to get shit done is second to none. Always accepting of feedback and happy to collaborate on ideas to make her designs impress the client. I was also lucky to witness Be presenting a Brand Refresh this month and I was genuinely impressed with the confidence and eloquent manner in her presentation style. My nomination was easy!”

“My vote for November goes to our Aspalls-loving bowling-ball-owning wordsmith Adam Pescod. Adam has had a superb – and as Andy rightly pointed out – largely unsung year. This month his value has really come to the fore as we have started to see the fruits of his labour with a couple of very successful award entries and a succession of outstanding branding projects that have benefited enormously from his expertise. Adam is always willing to help but increasingly doing so in a way that is conscious and considered around his own commitments. A great team player Adam has individually shone this month and would be a deserving MVP.”

“So many people to nominate this month but my MVP Nomination goes to Gemma! Gemma has been incredibly supportive this month and has helped me go from low to high! Since the Client Services Team was ‘formed’ it has gone from strength to strength and it shows Gemma’s leadership and vision in putting this in motion. Gemma is ALWAYS responsive and will make sure you have the time you need to delight clients. She has enabled so many tasks front and centre and behind the scenes and always with a client-first mentality. Gemma has had a massive impact on the business this month and all with a ‘swan’ work ethic! Thanks for being awesome.”


“Sarah has made a real impact on the agency team and me as an individual – and I wanted to recognise this with my nomination this month. I look forward to speaking to her to being able to have a totally honest and frank conversation; I always leave the 121s and coaching sessions feeling supported, valued and that how I feel matters – as well as having solved a number of issues that might have been impacting on my delivery. The overall impact of this is that it affects my productivity as well as my well being. I can see how hard she’s working and I can see the difference she’s making – and that’s why Sarah gets my vote this month. Thank you so much you’ve made a real difference – to everything.”

“Jordan can be really proud of himself this month from what started out as a pretty tough time to absolutely smashing it with clients. The ability to take feedback and support on board and change things up is admirable and has a direct and positive impact on our clients. Well done Jordan!”

“After a challenging period Keiran has bounced back with more force than ever. His animation skills are impressing everyone left right and centre and consistently delighting clients! The fact that he uses every spare pocket of time for R&D shows that he is continuously striving for improvement which is a bit of StrategiQ right?!?!?! All this R&D is pushing the design team” especially with the introduction of XD and the innovative way in which Keiran is using it which is only going to make our client delivery even MORE impressive. Keep it up bud! Well, have a day off first…”

“Dan is the perfect fit for StrategiQ and has shown already how much value and ambition he adds to the team. If Dan is on your project” you know you’re in safe hands. Dan’s work on Corstorphine & Wright has really stood out to me this month. He’s raised the game for development standards since he joined I can’t remember the first iterations of builds being so close to the visuals before and he does this every time. His dedication and passion for R&D and innovation is truly inspirational and will elevate the quality of our websites considerably. A few of us in Production have ambitions to see our websites winning ‘Website of the Day’ on the Awwwards site and I really believe that when (not if!) we do it’ll be a site that Dan’s has put his blood sweat and tears into. Watch this space.”

“Choosing just one person for MVP this month was incredibly difficult! Oli’s commercial initiative and Phil’s steadfast leadership skills definitely deserve more than just an honourable mention! However, my MVP this month is Hatii! The definition of a do-er Hatii grabs opportunities as soon and she spots them and doesn’t stop until she’s got great results for our clients. This was in abundance this month with both The Air Ambulance and Business Systems clients who she genuinely cares for. Her organization is second to none mostly because she’s a brilliant communicator and team-player. Her high-standards ensure we’re creating only the best work for our clients meaning she raises everyone else’s game with her own – the true trait of an MVP. Give this gal a duvet day!”


“Oli has been pretty animated this month and rightly so! His impact across clients has been fantastic, delivering value and results whilst still finding time to uncover and highlight opportunities. His commerciality has really been on show, taking hunches and concepts through to full presentation he has demonstrated to many clients his expertise and value. On top of this he smashed out a war and peace guide to content marketing and not 1 but 2 videos for StrategiQ’s social content… in 1 take… no do-overs… what a champ!”

Wow. There were so many great nominations this month I struggled to choose which to share! Now it’s time to announce who actually won! November’s winner is a tenacious, thoughtful, considered, patient, kind and dedicated individual – someone who has been a pivotal member of the StrategiQ team since they joined, and is held in incredibly high regard across the team.

This month’s MVP winner has worked tirelessly since joining the company, created some impressive relationships with clients, built trust within the team and provided a relatable, honest source of advice and support for her colleagues. That’s right, it’s none other than Senior Marketing Coordinator, Roisin Ryan-Self!

Let’s see what the team had to say about Roisin…

“This month’s standout member of the team goes to Roisin. This could be the first time that I’ve nominated Roisin as it only feels like I’ve begun to work closely with her on a few key and complex accounts. Roisin’s recent role change I believe is expertly suited to her talents and has saved a lot of challenging admin time for me personally and I know for other Account Directors too. Whilst anyone could argue that she’s doing her job, I consistently see Roisin organising herself on a Sunday evening (thanks for the Scoro notifications) diligently planning and coordinating meetings with great communication internally. Roisin goes beyond genuinely caring for her clients and this extends right the way across their strategies, relationships and being supportive in just about any way possible. She really deserves an MVP win.”

“It is great to have ‘The Machine’ back in full swing in her new role. She is taking on challenges head-on and smashing them out of the park. Her care and attention with some of our clients has been noticed widespread across the agency – she should be incredibly proud of her tenacity, resilience and inner strength like the rest of us are of her.”


“This month my nomination goes to Roisin! Roisin works tirelessly to ensure that projects are running smoothly and that communication within the team is kept to a high level. Juggling a lot of projects she’s fantastic in making sure the team knows what they are working on with clear briefs and deadlines. A dream to work with! Roisin definitely deserves a well-earned duvet day!”

“My nomination is for Roisin! She is already excelling in her new role and is having a massive impact on the organisation of our client delivery. She leaves no stone unturned in ensuring we are fulfilling our client promises which is going a long way in delighting our clients. I have no doubt that she and Bex will continue to have a great impact on the business into 2021. Thank you for your support and keep up the great work!”

Well, it’s safe to say that Roisin is very deserving of a duvet day and dinner on the house, congratulations!

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