The best things in life come in threes for February’s MVP

7 min read by Lauren Grubb 9 Feb 2024

As we embrace our first official MVP for the year, we’re launching into January by honouring not just one, but multiple winners… yes, you heard it right, MULTIPLE!

MVP is a time to celebrate the hard work that goes on behind the scenes for projects at StrategiQ HQ and the dedicated employees who are driving them.

There are no set criteria for our MVP award, and anyone can be nominated for anything they’ve done at work; whether it’s going above and beyond on a project, coming up with a show-stopping idea, or simply showing kindness and support towards their fellow colleagues.

So, what makes this month different?

It’s been quite some time since we experienced joint MVP winnners at StrategiQ! It truly highlights the unwavering commitment and dedication that each member of our team consistently demonstrates.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our winners for January!

Usually, January is a slow introduction into the year, but not this year and certainly not for our first MVP winner. Congratulations to Mr Cool, Calm and Collected himself… Developer, Richard Podd!

“MVP time, straight off the bat my nomination for January has to go to Richard. Throughout the month Richard has impressed me with both his technical ingenuity, as well his organisation especially in relation to the AP project which he has truly made his own. Managing his own tasks and those of others, both foreseeing and communicating issues before they happen, has had a massive impact on what was a tricky deadlined project. Great month Richard, looking forward to what you can achieve in the future.”

“As always, a tricky decision! However, this month I would like to nominate Richard for MVP. Richard flies under the radar most of the time and quite a few of the things that make him stand out as MVP can potentially be missed. This month he has had an awesome month working on AP News. Richard has taken this project in his stride, delivering a solid website within a tight timeframe. He’s also working super hard around this to spec out new projects and test complex technology solutions for clients. You definitely deserve a duvet day Richard, well done on all of the hard work!”

Our next winner is pathing the way for all Marketing Executives in our industry. Willing to learn, motivated by new opportunities and immersing themselves in everything thrown their way, our next winner is the fabulous, Amber Smith!

“This month, my MVP goes to Amber! Amber’s support over the past few weeks has been such a huge help for me and I couldn’t be more grateful. There’s a lot to learn when you join an agency, which can be incredibly daunting in itself, let alone when you need to immerse yourself into complex service lines, such as CX.

However, Amber has taken everything in her stride and continues to not be afraid to complete new tasks, work on new clients and ask as many questions as she needs to get the job done, and get it done well. I’ve been really impressed with the skill set Amber has already started developing, as well as her work ethic and motivation to learn new things – I see huge potential. Well done, Amber, keep being a star!”

“First in and on it every day. organised and asks if the task isn’t clear. Grabbing the opportunity with both hands. Love it.”

Our final winner has truly set new standards in the world of animation, showcasing a new level of creativity with everything he does. Well done to our star-studded designer, Keiran Buchanan. Great job, buh!

“I want to work with people that love what they do so much they don’t see it as work. It makes every day a pleasure to see what they create and I love the little surprises that appear because they’ve had an idea or done something beautiful over the weekend. I can think of a few people that I work closely with day to day that do this and I’m very grateful for that.

The stand out this month was Keiran. The wrap-up video for 2023 was an idea we had before Christmas and he owned it, producing it over the winter break. Digital brand guidelines are also on his radar, ideating and finding solutions to sell these to clients in upcoming projects. He’s also working closely with myself to create brand videos that the client and we can use across channels to promote the work we do. He’s also pretty good at his day job;)

Great work KB. A month to be proud of.”

“Keiran’s Strategy Day video was next level, the care and attention he put into it has elevated StrategiQ. The style that he has developed is now finding its way into all sorts of projects. The fact that he did the majority of it over the Christmas break too really is MVP material!”

Congratulations to our 3 fantastic winners! Enjoy your day off and a meal on the company!

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