May’s Most Valuable Person (MVP)

7 min read by Lauren Grubb 10 Jun 2024

It’s June, and isn’t the weather something? Let’s brighten things up with some good news: we’re excited to announce our latest MVP winner!

Before we reveal the winner, let’s take a moment to remember why we celebrate MVP here at StrategiQ.

This award recognises hard work and commitment, and gives each team member the opportunity to nominate one fellow colleague for those ‘above and beyond’ moments that make a real difference. The prize is a well-earned duvet day and a celebratory meal on the company card.

Without further ado, in joint 3rd place is our very own Terminator, Rosie Howe and our legendary Developer, Dan Long

Our resident Senior Paid Media Executive, Rosie, has been smashing life at StrategiQ and has made remarkable strides in a very short time.

“Throughout May, Dale, Poppy and Alex have all had annual leave and holidays, Rosie has not only kept the service line alive but has been thriving! Starting early, working late, whilst still turning up day by day with a smile and helping everyone else. Unsure if Rosie is a terminator sent back through time to complete Paid Media or if she is just a living legend. Either way, one thing is for sure, she is an MVP!”

Dan has had an outstanding month, with his work consistently described as pristine and executed with elegance. *Chef’s kiss*

“Dan has been incredibly consistent this month across all the projects. He has worked well under pressure and has been on hand to give me advice when needed for a few different tasks. After working on many back-to-back fast turnaround projects, I wanted to shout out the hard work that he puts in every day and recognise his continued enthusiasm for cutting-edge development, always bringing new tools and tips to the team to improve our processes.”

Second place for our MVP this month has to go to our brilliant CX Specialist, Emily Berriman. Since our Head of CX, Lauren, went on maternity leave, we have seen Emily take the service line under her wing like a true professional. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed, as you can see:

“This month I would like to nominate Emily for MVP. Over the past 12 months, I’ve been exposed more to Emily’s work within the agency and I continue to be impressed by her diligence, willingness to learn and ability to step up. With Lauren on maternity leave, Emily has been taking ownership of CX across our clients, dealing with different CRMs, totally unfazed. I’ve been impressed with her thought process and presentations to clients. She’ll always go out of her way to help and put in a shift by being one of the first in every morning. Keep up the good work Emily!”

“This month my vote goes to Emily. She has totally embodied the One Team mentality and with a challenging month with Lauren on maternity leave, with the support of Gemma, she has taken it all in her stride, totally owned and gone above every element within her role and delighting her clients. Her passion and dedication is attested to by our clients, Kevin from JML to name just one. To top it all off the recognition of being shortlisted for a Drum award for the amazing results seen for FDF over the last 12 months. Girl, you’ve bossed it this month, you’ve rolled those sleeves right up, dug deep and powered through like a pro! You really deserve that duvet day, well done Emily!”

Finally, it’s time to announce our winner of May’s MVP. A huge congratulations to our Creative Executive, Olivia Phillips! Liv has gone from strength to strength this last month and has made a huge impact across the agency. And not to mention earning an impressive 11 votes! 

“Liv absolutely deserves to be MVP this month. She has made a significant impact on the video team, transforming how projects are sold, managed, and delivered. With Olivia’s expertise, the team is becoming more effective and profitable. She eagerly embraces every creative opportunity, showcasing her editing skills in team meetings, contributing to ideation in creative R&D sessions, and driving client projects like the BodyTalk initiative. Olivia embodies our core values: she tackles challenges head-on (#courageous), asks the tough questions (#truthful), excels in every task (#limitless), and continually expands her knowledge (#knowledgeable). Her dedication and talent make her an invaluable asset to our team.”

“Loving watching Liv grow and develop in her new role in the creative team lately. Her energy and motivation to learn is infectious and I was really impressed by her pushing back on scopes that were missing vital elements of the budget. She’s been stepping up with the video team, learning new skills in video editing and supporting with planning and managing clients through video projects. Well done Liv!”

“My nomination this month goes to Liv. Over the past few weeks, all I’ve heard is people singing Liv’s praises and it sounds like she’s had a fantastic month! I’ve not worked with Liv a whole lot, but when I have it’s clear to see that she’s completely in control, organised and enthusiastic. She comes up with some fantastic creative ideas for marketing campaigns and can think outside of the box. Based on that and the praise she’s been getting throughout the month, she must deserve the MVP title this month. Well done Liv, keep up the great work!”

Congratulations Liv, thank you for all of your hard work over the last month! With another month complete, who will take our June MVP? Maybe it will be you! Take a look at our current vacancies if you’re ready for a limitless career in a growth-focused team.

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