February’s Most Valuable Person

8 min read by Lauren Grubb 6 Mar 2024

We can all agree when we say, where on earth did February go? Which also means it’s MVP time!

In CEO, Andy Smith’s words, “MVP is still my favourite time of the month.” 

And why is that you may wonder?

The MVP initiative is a longstanding StrategiQ tradition, so much so, that we have lost count of how many MVPs we have celebrated!

At the end of each month, it allows the team to nominate a colleague who has demonstrated exceptional effort and dedication in their work.

Let’s get stuck into the results:

The competition for third place this month was tight, showing the impressive dedication and hard work of our team as they kick-started the year with a bang.

A big congratulations to Alix, Becky, Daisy and Sean for your fantastic efforts this month –  thank you for going above and beyond. 

QA Analyst, Alix Palmer

“One person who has her eyes on all the websites, and has put in so much hard work and dedication, is Alix. She is someone with the ability to oversee and get stuck in with so many aspects of the project lifecycle, even with the strictest of deadlines. The support she offers to the team is extremely valuable and ensures that we deliver to the standard that we want to.”

Client Partner, Becky Evison

“This month my nomination has to go to Bex! As everyone knows her attention to detail is at the highest level, ensuring everything is Bexceptable! She’s always on hand to help with any issues, and I’m not sure she ever rests! So please have a duvet day!”

Designer, Daisy Sturgeon

“From developing her skills in AI to achieving some incredible work for Inspire, Daisy has had a fantastic couple of months, going above and beyond to hone her skills and do the very best for our clients. Well done, Daisy!”

Developer, Sean Scannell 

“Sean has had a great month, whilst never shouting about it, the work he is doing at the moment is world-class. STC is a prime example of this, the (website) build is looking amazing, and what a website that is shaping up to be. Oh and how can I forget… the 4 dev awards he and the team won for their excellent work on David Shepherd. Keep smashing it, Sean!”

Our runner-up for this month has had an exceptional performance, demonstrating unwavering dedication, passion, and calmness across the agency. Congratulations to our Creative Director, Ashley Thrower!

“I think it’s easy to overlook Ash’s work ethic, pace and attention to detail as his everyday norm, but he is just relentless in his efforts to help every person and every project to be successful. He is non-stop from the first minute to the last and never flaps, snaps or gets stressed! He has also been an incredible support to me over the last few weeks and years in fact and I just want to give him a massive shout-out. Absolute Feb MVP for sure – seriously in need of a duvet day. Thanks for everything you do, Ash!”

“Ash is a great leader—a steady presence of calmness, composure, and unwavering support. Whenever we need assistance, he’s there without fail, fostering collaboration and instilling confidence in each of us. With his personal touch, Ash consistently demonstrates our #oneteam mentality, setting the bar for excellence and great work for our clients.”

Finally, but certainly not least, the MVP win for February goes to an individual who is consistently bringing in new opportunities left, right and centre, all while doing it with infectious energy. Congratulations to the one and only Tyler Webb-Harding.

“What a month and so many people deserved an MVP or two. This month though, Tyler has stood out a country mile. Constantly on the lookout for new opportunities, throwing our hat in the ring and promoting a wide range of our services. This guy is at the helm of so many new projects coming through the business at the minute and consistently brings a great level of energy and enthusiasm to both challenges and wins. He deserves a day off away from Scoro – great work, mate.”

“Tyler is my MVP this month.  Over the last few months, he has put a huge shift in, making sure we have exciting and profitable new projects coming into the business. This month he has secured some great projects with new clients and a whole load of upsells. The pipeline is bulging.  He holds all our values, not scared to say his piece but is will also take on other people’s opinions when they differ from his and in a very humble manner.  I love his energy and passion. Well done, Tyler, you deserve duvet day, you must be exhausted.”

“My MVP nomination for February has to go to Tyler. Over the last 12 months, Tyler has really impressed as he’s progressed further into the world of sales, and it all feels to be coming together now, with what feels like sale after even bigger sale. This combined with his endless, sometimes misplaced, optimism makes him a pleasure to work alongside, great start to the year, keep it up, Tyler, mate.”

Well done to all of those who were voted for this month and a bigger congratulations to our winner, Tyler – enjoy your day off and a meal on the company!

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