It Takes Two to Tango (or win MVP for March)

5 min read by Charles Craik 15 Apr 2018


Happy April everyone! I’m sure now that we’ve had some lovely weather we’re glad to see the back of March, however, at the end of every month the StrategiQ team like to reflect on the month gone by and award a member of the team an always well-deserved Duvet Day and dinner out on the company, for being the month’s Most Valuable Player.

March’s MVP is a little late (not only because it’s so hard to choose between all of us amazing folk) but also because it was announced at one of our Quarterly Team Days where we don the StrategiQ merch and spend the day training, sharing, team-building and drinking a lot of coffee.

March was, as usual, a busy month for us here at StrategiQ and we’re all really proud of what we’ve done for both our clients and personally in the last month. We launched FIVE websites that we’re super proud of, as well as all sorts of other exciting things, so the MVP nominations were full of lovely things.

Here are a few of our favourite nominations:

“I am going to nominate Tom Cox this month for MVP. Tom has really settled into the team well and has definitely made his mark when it comes to the social media service at StrategiQ. He has taken to the paid social tasks like a duck to water and has already displayed some really intelligent and strategic thinking when it comes to executing campaigns, so I’m excited to see what’s around the corner for him.”

“I’d like to nominate Levi this month. We’ve seen some really great links come through this month for clients including some really strong and authoritative links for some more challenging campaigns. Technical SEO can only get you so far in achieving rankings and links are a huge requirement for many of our clients to get the results we need, so cheers Levi!”

“Another great month for both Ash and Yas who have been smashing out designs to our high standards – all of which have been appraised highly by both clients and within our team. However, I’d like to put forward Simon for his ever mind-blowing technical capabilities and proactive thought leadership both in and out of work. Working on accounts out of work hours and in some instances until all hours, and always lending a hand/finding solutions in his usual efficient manner is just great to see and be surrounded by.”

“Special mentions to Hannah and Adam this month – Hannah is not only always smiling and has a fantastic story to tell but she’s also been really getting her teeth into her work and producing some really cool stuff – and Adam has been a big bundle of joy to have in the office and has already proved a really valuable member of the team.

However, I’d like to nominate Dan this month for MVP. Dan has been really on top of everything recently – from building tools to help make other people’s work go a little faster to checking and double checking things for consistent, successful work. Dan has been actively looking after StrategiQ as well as the clients, and has proven a number of times this month that he’s worth the MVP vote, so well done Dan!”

As you can see, it’s been a bit like trying to choose the shiniest of a bunch of diamonds this month – everyone’s got a good reason to be crowned MVP. However, there can only be one winner! Well, two actually. There can only be two winners!

March saw Tom Wake and Ashley Thrower wearing the sparkly MVP crowns – here are some of our reasons why…

“For March’s MVP nomination I would like to nominate Tom Wake for his continued progress both in and outside of work to ensure both us and our clients are GDPR ready. On top of this, the amount of solid research prep he puts into projects ahead of kickoff and his constant implementation and guidance in regards to quality standards across the development team that he brings to every R&D meeting means that he’s my pick for MVP this month.”

“My vote for March is for Ash. He has been unbelievably supportive of the design team over the past month not only managing his own workload but assisting through all of the creative brief process and branding documents. Well done Ash!”

“As ever many worthy winners this month but my nomination would be for Tom W this month. He has remained cool, calm and collected, maintaining the momentum and made a sterling discovery presentation, always getting ahead and preparing. He’s also balanced many a marketing brief too with some challenging tasks, so he really has had everything covered this month! Thanks, Tom!

Nice one, Ash and Tom! Thank you for all of your hard work and we hope you both enjoy your well-deserved duvet days!

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