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9 min read by Charles Craik 18 Jan 2023

Our latest strategic partnership harnesses the power within your web data to supercharge your B2B marketing. Learn how.

We’re coming out swinging in the face of the recession, and are forging incredible partnerships with platforms and tech that will deliver results for our clients coupled with our expertise.

Our latest partnership is with the world’s number one website visitor identification software, Lead Forensics. Lead Forensics will help you uncover your B2B website visitors and fuel business growth by giving clients and our team greater visibility on who is visiting their website and the actions they take.

Lead Forensics helps clients have more informed sales conversations as it helps develop a pattern of behaviour and interest that will support the right conversations. Lead Forensics will reveal the identity of previously unknown website visitors. Driving a new wave of preferred B2B approaches – account based marketing (ABM).

Demonstrating the ROI on ABM

ABM is a big investment and can reap massive rewards, but to keep stakeholders and senior decision makers engaged and on board, the challenge is to demonstrate the ROI and progress of ABM efforts. MQLs are often identified through gated content, which is a simple means of gauging how many people are engaging with the content marketing efforts of the team.

However, a growing resistance to gated content and the limitations of showing it across a customer journey can leave marketers struggling to justify its place in an ABM strategy. Which is why opening up content but tracking visits is far more lucrative as it removes barriers to engaging through downloads and it enables marketers to see a journey through a site beyond an individual interaction.

Cookies could soon be a thing of the past – but don’t panic!

IP tracking software is a simple piece of code that can track a device when browsing the internet and reveal certain pieces of information about the individual computer and its user. The IP address is unique and can be used to identify individuals, monitor their usage of your site and flag when they return.

Lead Forensics will enable you to tag certain activities against certain types of content or pages that align with your ABM goals and in turn identify prospects at different phases of their decision making journey. The platform will allow you to access critical information about visitors including the company that they are from.

Lead Forensics will help build a profile that could determine:

  • How aware of your business they are
  • The frequency of visits and level of engagement with your products or content
  • How they are finding your content
  • How many people at the company are looking (the potential size of the opportunity)

Not only does this visibility help you to convert leads and identify those most likely to re engage, but it also helps better inform your ABM strategy by building up a picture of those ‘anonymous’ visits that do not convert.

By engaging with the information from Lead Forensics in a timely and prompt fashion, account managers can set up alerts to inform them when a prospect visits, enabling them to trigger effective and tailored communication that could spark conversation and ultimately conversion.

Clever stuff right? But what does it mean for our clients?

Working with our CX team and as part of a wider B2B marketing strategy, the new partnership means we can connect your CRM and link up all marketing activity to determine its ROI, the strength of leads it is producing and adjust our strategy in line with your business objectives.

“Partnering with Lead Forensics has been a great enhancement to our service offering. This year has been about helping our clients get a better understanding of their customer journey and customers, and with Lead Forensics we can support clients in having greater visibility right from the start of that user journey.”

“Lead Forensics will ultimately help our clients build better relationships and enhance their pipeline as their sales team will be able to have higher intent new leads who actively have an interest in their business.”

Lauren Boyton, Head of Customer Experience, StrategiQ

The power of intent scores and what they mean

Imagine if you could score the levels of intent of your website visitors based on their activity, engagement and relevance to your product? Implementing Lead Forensics will allow you to attribute a percentage score based on a series of key factors that will allow your sales team to take an informed approach to prioritising their outreach efforts.

Similarly, it will give your marketing team (either in house or agency team) the tools they need to tailor their approach and measure the success of it.

“We’re really excited to join forces with StrategiQ, a company whose focus on customer experience aligns closely with our own.”

“With StrategiQ’s guidance and support, their clients using Lead Forensics will gain a much deeper understanding of their target prospects, resulting in stronger relationships and increased sales.”

Matthew Milham, Lead Forensics

We’re successfully using Lead Forensics for a number of clients and it is providing our teams with vital information to support or inform their marketing strategy above what can be currently access using standard analytics suites.

Our performance teams are also integrating Lead Forensics data into our live reporting dashboards for transparency and to help sales and marketing teams work collaboratively to leverage the data.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to know more about how our teams integrate incredible tech stacks into delivering a strategy that fulfils your business objectives, get in touch or download this introductory guide to Lead Forensics for more detailed information.

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