StrategiQ Achieves Mailchimp Partner Status

3 min read by Charles Craik 26 Feb 2019

StrategiQ Mailchimp Partner

We are proud to announce that StrategiQ have officially joined the Mailchimp Partner Program – adding it to our ever-growing list of partnerships!

Why is email marketing communication important?

As an integrated marketing agency we believe that email marketing communication is a hugely important means for engaging existing clients and customers.

A growing email database is one of the most effective ways to re-target audiences that have already confirmed they want to interact with you. As such, it is a channel we want to grow and improve for our clients – and why we applied for partner status.

How did we achieve the Mailchimp “Partner” status?

In order to be a part of the Mailchimp Partner Program – we had to submit client case studies which showed:

  • Our expertise in Mailchimp
  • A strong history working with Mailchimp
  • Versatile feature usage

We included a variety of case studies highlighting our specialities in templates, integrations, e-commerce, automation and more among our clients base that spans a wide variety of sectors, for clients who have used Mailchimp for:

  • Internal employee communications
  • External stakeholder/ partner communications
  • External current & potential buyer audiences

Prior to us assisting with this channel specifically, some of our clients had never used email before, used outdated templates or hadn’t effectively managed their customer/ client data. Now, all of our email clients using Mailchimp have open and click rates which are well above the current industry averages and email is increasingly becoming a key channel for driving traffic to their individual websites and ultimately, revenue.

What does Mailchimp Partner Status mean for us?

We are continuously looking to enhance our offering and as a Mailchimp Partner, we have access to many benefits including educational resources, training, conferences and more that will complement the skills of our email specialists.

Also, similar to our web developer Simon’s work on Jacada being featured on our partner WP Engine’s site, this new email partnership will also give us the opportunity to feature in Mailchimp’s marketing materials for exceptional work – which is also great for our team’s personal development and thought leadership.

What does Mailchimp Partner Status mean for you?

As a Mailchimp Partner, we have better support available and will have the opportunity to beta test and explore new features prior to release – meaning we will be ahead to the game in all things email.

If you are interested in beginning your email marketing journey – get in touch through our contact page today.

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