Second time lucky for April’s MVP

4 min read by Charles Craik 5 May 2023

Technical SEO Manager - Jack Fuller imge

Yup – it’s that time again.

Just as we do at the end of every month, the whole StrategiQ gang gathered round this morning to hear our Chief People Officer, Sarah Smith, read out the long list of MVP nominations submitted by fellow members of the team. 

The MVP initiative is a longstanding StrategiQ tradition that gives the team the opportunity to nominate one of their colleagues at the end of each month for the effort and dedication they put into their work.

In Sarah’s words: “One of the lovely things about MVP is that many of the nominations come from people who aren’t necessarily working directly alongside the person they’re voting for, but they’re looking around the agency and seeing where all the good work is happening and taking the opportunity to celebrate that good work.”

Second time’s a charm

After hitting the bar and coming in second last month, victory will be tasting even sweeter for this month’s MVP winner.

After an amazing spread of nominations, we’re pleased to announce that the MVP crown for April goes to…

Jack Fuller!

Our Technical SEO Manager has put in an absolute shift over the last couple of months, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the rest of the team. 

Here’s what his fellow team members have been saying about him:

“​​When MVP comes around, Jack’s name always comes to mind. Jack is resilient, thorough and never settles for ‘That’s good enough’. Over the last month I have seen Jack put in some mega shifts to help get some of the more difficult projects over the line, he is always on hand to answer any questions around SEO and jump into the CMS to help tidy things up before launch. After the last couple of crazy months Jack certainly deserves a duvet day to recover!”

“This month’s nomination goes to someone who has gone beyond the call of duty and influenced a variety of process evolutions for our project standards. 

Jack’s attention to detail and focus on perfection for client site launches saw him reach out to the leadership team on several occasions to share observations and advice on how to improve our approach. Andy mentioned it a few weeks ago, but this passion and focus on results really impressed me.”

“Jack has been a superstar recently to keep SEO standards on track with an abundance of web projects going through various stages. We know there is work to do on the process, and actions are already in place which Jack is helping to drive forwards in order to better hit the magic sweet spot. The sweet spot being SEO standards to the required quality, on time, on budget. Jack is working tirelessly to make this happen. Keep up the great work Jack!”

Amazing work, Jack! Kick your feet up and enjoy that duvet day!

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