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6 min read by Charles Craik 17 Apr 2019


Another month, another MVP crowning takes place as we head towards Easter and what seems like a million bank holidays all squished together.

March was a great month for personal development at StrategiQ, with the team completing some really fun training sessions as part of our newly-introduced Impact Fridays. Then, as we entered April, we had our fabulous quarterly Strategy Days which, if you don’t know, are two days every quarter where we all gather in a room and have a big old natter about our business, our goals, where we are and where we’re going, plus we get to do some great training sessions. This quarter’s training included decision-making skills, Mel Robbins explaining the five-second rule for motivation and a recap on our Insights profiles and how they work for us.

We also took the opportunity to recognise the achievements of three members of staff. Congratulations Amy, Ash and Tom W for your promotions to Head of Production, Head of Creative and Head Of Development respectively!

The Real MVPs…

So, let’s get back to the star of the show – the MVP! This month there was, unusually, a clear winner. However, there were also some other lovely nominations that we can’t help but share…

“This guy IS. ON. FIRE! Duncan has been nominated a lot recently, but it’s surely time he gets full recognition by being given MVP status. Going above and beyond to explore new opportunities for clients’ websites to get them excited in discovery meetings is commonplace for Duncan. He works all hours to ensure websites are up to standard and delivered on time, while being very accommodating and helping those around him. An all-round great guy to work with. Congrats on the exceptional month, Duncan!”

By the way, Duncan is not literally on fire, just in case anybody was worried…


“My vote this month goes to Keiran. He gets in early, gets his head down, and just cracks on with an incredible work ethic. The quality of his work is fantastic and he gets through it like a machine. He would never shout about his work, so it’s only right that he gets a solid mention via MVP!”

“From what I’ve seen, Mike’s had his best month at StrategiQ. Whether he’d agree or not, you’ll have to ask him (he agreed, by the way). As usual, I’ve been really impressed with everything he’s done, but even more so after seeing the end result of what was his first full video project with us. He somehow gets great photos of some otherwise relatively uninspiring things, and he’s been on hand to lend support at short notice that’s crucial to other people’s tasks getting across the line, big or small. Because of all of this, he not only makes our clients look good (literally), but he also gives StrategiQ even more credibility with video. Cheers, Mike.”

But who won??

Anywho, now it’s time for the headline act – the winner! With how big the team has grown in the last year or so, it gets harder and harder to determine a clear winner, and we often find ourselves with a very even spread of nominations. This month, however, there was one person who stood head and shoulders above the rest with over a third of ALL nominations. Our winner is tenacious, careful, detailed and knowledgeable, impressing us all with her performance after just a month at the company – making it the first time in two years that someone has won MVP in their first full month.

Without further ado, March’s MVP victor is none other than Roisin Ryan-Self!


Here are some of the fabulous nominations that Roisin received:

“She may have only been here a month, but Roisin has already made herself a worthy MVP in my opinion. Her energy, enthusiasm and organisational skills are second to none, and the quality of her work has been close to faultless. She’s taken to our processes like a duck to water, nailing content briefs, producing blogs that have drawn high praise from clients, and proposing brilliant ideas across the board.

“Roisin also hasn’t been afraid to suggest improvements to our internal processes, explaining how they could make a genuine impact, both for us and our clients. More than that, however, Roisin has proved herself as someone who knows what good marketing looks like. Added to her eye for detail and meticulous work ethic, she is fully deserving of a duvet day after a truly outstanding first month.”

“From all the comments within the team, it is obvious that Roisin is having an extremely positive impact on all the clients she is working with. Not only is her work of an exceptionally high standard, but she is also impressing clients by going that extra mile with her attention to detail. Fantastic.”

“Roisin has been a godsend the last few weeks. I know she’s only been here a month or so, but she has been a massive help to the marketing team in general, not only with everyday tasks but also with ideas and thinking outside the box. Her work on UX analysis has been incredibly helpful for showcasing our expertise and she really impressed some of our clients, which teed off possibly the busiest month of the year perfectly!”

I think it’s safe to say that Roisin has made a lasting impact on StrategiQ. She’s more than exceeded expectations for her role and has personified the StrategiQ culture that we thrive upon every day.

Congratulations Roisin – enjoy your dinner out on the company and your duvet day. You’ve certainly earned it!

If you fancy being the third person in the last two years to win an MVP in their first month, or you just wanna have a chat with us, get in touch or check out our careers page – we’d love to hear from you!

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