Power Up with Be Peters

2 min read by Charles Craik 28 Oct 2020

In an age where digital technologies and the pressures of social media are taking over our lives, taking time out to engage in deeper thinking and cosying up with a good book is often overlooked. 

Power Up, is our weekly reading club for StrategiQ team members. Unlike traditional book clubs or reading clubs, Power Up allows everyone to read any form of written material, whether it’s books, magazines or journals. Audiobooks and podcasts are allowed too. Not only does this ensure everyone is reading something they enjoy that will benefit them, but it also means that if they only wish to read one section of a book, they can! 


At Power Up, members come together and share their key takeaways from that week’s reading. This means they share their learnings but “power up” by walking away with the reading knowledge of the entire group.

Explore the past few months library of recommendations here –

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