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5 min read by Laura Manning 15 Feb 2023

Emily Jackson

We sat down with our new Marketing Executive, Emily Jackson, to learn more about what inspired her move to StrategiQ, what she’s looking forward to, and what she thinks is a perfect day off!

So Emily, tell us a little bit about your background…

I started out in not-for-profit marketing, working for a charity that provided play schemes for disabled children. This was a really nice introduction to the world of marketing and was my first corporate role when I finished university. I was the boots-on-the-ground for the marketing department; setting up their email marketing, creating social posts and writing blogs for their website. I then moved on to Box Broadband where I went from being a Digital Marketing Executive to their Channel Marketing Manager and was responsible for overseeing and bringing together all of the elements of their marketing efforts and campaigns.

What’s been one of your top career highlights so far?

I’d say my highlight so far was when I had a Marketing Assistant during my time at Box Broadband. I’m really glad I had the opportunity to manage someone because it was a really nice way of understanding how different people work and learning how to best collaborate and support them. I found the whole experience really rewarding, and I think the skills I gained will lend themselves to so many other areas of my career.

What made you want to come to StrategiQ?

I’d felt like my previous role was starting to lack creativity and I was ready for a new challenge. It became clear to me that StrategiQ was somewhere I wanted to work as I already knew they were a great company and I was in awe of how much they valued their people. It didn’t really make sense for me to look elsewhere.

What’s something you’d say you’re exceptionally good at?

I think just being kind – if I know someone’s had a hard day, I’ll go out of my way to do something nice for them, or if they need it, I’ll be sure to give them plenty of space and time. If something hasn’t gone to plan, I’ll always be mindful with feedback and make sure I’m never putting my own frustrations above anyone else’s emotional needs.

How are you feeling about the switch to agency-side?

It’s so different, but that’s not a bad thing at all. There’s so much to learn and adjust to; it’s a very different way of working, the workload is different, the way people interact is different and I really enjoy that. It seems a lot more collaborative and it feels like everyone meets each other with a really healthy level of understanding. I’m excited to have a varied workload with different clients and a range of things to work on, as I’ve been involved with just one sector for a while now, and I think having more variety in my day-to-day role will expand my skill set as a marketer.

Moving away from all the business talk – tell us what a perfect day off would look like to you!

I’d say going out for a nice lunch and exploring a new place (hopefully with a cathedral or unique architecture involved), and then finishing the day with a takeaway and some natural wine while listening to music with my family.

I also love a good dog walk – I don’t actually have a dog but I love to walk my friends’ dogs and pretend they’re my own. I’ve posted them so much on Instagram that my followers probably think I have my own cockapoo at this point!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join Emily or any of our other growing departments then please get in touch or check out our careers page for our current vacancies.

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