New hire! Charles Craik

5 min read by Charles Craik 10 May 2023

Charles Craik

We’re getting to know the latest addition to the development dream team: Charles Craik!

Chess-playing, car-loving Charles joins us as a Web Developer in search of a new challenge and a change of pace. Let’s learn more about what brought him here!

So, Charles, tell us a little bit about where it all started

During the pandemic, I started getting back into web development after really enjoying it back at school. Over the first lockdown I started re-learning everything, and then put it into practice when I built a site for my neighbour, who’s a dog groomer. I then felt inspired to take it even further and get a qualification under my belt, so I got an apprenticeship at a web agency in Warwickshire where I was working in both digital marketing and web development. After exploring both avenues, I decided to ultimately focus on the web development side of things, and I carried on doing that full-time for the next two years until I was ready for a new challenge.

Why the move to StrategiQ?

I had started to feel like I was ready for something different – something a bit more advanced. In my previous role, every day had started to feel the same, and I knew I needed to go somewhere that I could develop my skills a bit more. While I was in the process of applying for new jobs, someone told me about StrategiQ, and I thought it sounded like the perfect place to develop my career and push myself further.

What are you most looking forward to in your StrategiQ career?

I’m really looking forward to all the new challenges I’ll be taking on, and coming up with creative ways to solve them. I’m also excited to learn new skills and techniques when building websites, as well as making them look professional on all platforms with a great user experience.

On top of this, I’m looking forward to having a greater sense of variety within my work, and getting to work on bigger sites for bigger clients.

What would you say is your work-related superpower?

I’d say my greatest superpower is my creativity – I’ve always got a creative idea for how something could look or how it could work. I’m also very logical and analytical, and pairing this with my creativity is a pretty good mix in the development world!

What can people use to break the ice with you?

When I’m not writing code, you’ll most likely find me at the climbing gym scaling new heights, pushing myself to achieve new personal bests at the gym, tinkering with my car or challenging anyone to a game of chess. Oh, and I’m also known to be a huge fan of a number of TV series including The Office, The Walking Dead and anything Star Wars. Any one of those is a solid conversation starter for me!

Which part of your role do you find the most rewarding?

As a web developer, I’m passionate about crafting unique and user-friendly websites that not only look great but also deliver results. I love the challenge of bringing digital ideas to life and creating solutions that exceed expectations.

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