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6 min read by Charles Craik 16 Aug 2023

We’ve been fortunate to welcome some serious talent to our Search team so far this year, and today we’re introducing you to another fresh face – Andre Hughes.

‘Dre’ became a part of StrategiQ’s team of Indispensables in August 2023 as an SEO Specialist, having developed his expertise over a decade of working in digital marketing agencies.

With a solid technical background in SEO, he harnesses data to fuel robust content strategies, all of which contribute to tangible results. Find out why this hire is someone you’d want to have a gaming sesh with…

So, ‘Dre’, tell us a little bit about your background

Hailing from the charming city of Leeds, Tech has been a passion of mine since day one. Little did I know that my path would lead me straight into the captivating realm of Search Engine Optimisation.

It all started as a temporary contract at a big agency – straight out of school. Before I knew it, I was deep into the world of SEO and never looked back – I loved it. I found myself more involved in the technical side of things as there was always something to look for or fix and I was highly motivated by being the client’s key problem solver. 10 years later, I am now an SEO veteran with in-house and agency experience, with large and small-scale businesses.

What’s been your top career highlight so far?

During my last agency role, I created 40+ detailed content briefs for a B2C e-commerce client that generated over 15,000 sessions in 3 to 4 months – which was an incredible achievement and payoff, given the amount of time that went into their creation.

What made you want to come to StrategiQ?

After gaining experience with in-house businesses, both nationally and locally – I was motivated to make a career move back into agency life. The clients and projects are so varied and makes for thrilling day-to-day work.

When I heard I’d be adding another Northerner to the SEO team, I couldn’t say no!

What’s something you’d say you’re exceptionally good at?

Creating thorough content strategies is definitely an area that I get most excited about and my mission is to create an environment where SEO strategies make a real impact, that drives tangible results for clients. I am always proactive with my decision-making so that we can foster growth. I am really excited to explore this with shiny new clients!

What’s the best part of working agency-side for you?

The pace of agency life and range of work is incomparable with other roles – it’s great that two days are never the same. I also love that we are never siloed and can bounce around ideas beyond the SEO team to ensure that we achieve clients’ overall strategy goals.

Moving away from all the business talk – tell us what a perfect day off would look like to you!

Outside of work, I love venturing into the great outdoors with my trusty sidekick Lottie. She’s a blend of Frenchie and Pug, or as we call her, a frug. In a world filled with pixels and code, Lottie and I are the perfect team, exploring new walks when we can!

When it’s time to decompress, you’ll find me embracing my other loves: indulging in good food, playing basketball with friends, getting lost in a good TV series, or diving into the world of gaming.

What is the best way to approach you?

As you can tell from my insights profile, I’m very mellow, conscientious and keen to share. I always seek an environment in which I can be quietly productive and tend to shy away from people who approach me with attitude – I’m very good at sensing tensions and tend to de-escalate situations!

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