Nathan’s here to take on the heavy lifting…

4 min read by Charles Craik 4 Oct 2021

It’s time again to introduce you all to another new member of the StrategiQ team! The team is always growing at speed, and we’re not slowing down yet! This time, we’re welcoming Account Manager Master, Nathan Young! 

Let’s find out a little bit more about Nathan…

Nathan has spent his working life so far in the health and fitness industry, spending time working at a number of different leisure providers across the public and private sectors. From humble beginnings starting out selling gym memberships with various leisure companies, Nathan has learned his real craft is in the Marketing industry. Moving into a marketing role for a prestigious tennis club in Paddington, Nathan opened his marketing wings and from there, moved on to work for the biggest public leisure provider in the UK, GLL, that own and run Better Leisure Facilities. 

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But what do you do outside of work, Nathan?

Nathan’s passion for the workout transfers into his daily life too – He’s a competitive powerlifter and trains at least 6 days a week. So when asked, ‘do you even lift, bro?’, He can actually say yes. Nathan also has a somewhat unusual Coke addition… Coca Cola, that is – so if you’re ever after a fizzy bevvy in the office, he’s your man. 

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Somehow around his working out and working, he’s a fully qualified cricket coach and during the summer spends his saturday playing 1st division cricket across Suffolk and Essex. As you can tell, Nathan is a disciplined, driven individual who doesn’t play around – unless it’s with a cricket bat. It’s not just the taking part that appeals to him with these extracurricular activities – but the values of self discipline and seeing results from putting in the work. You’ll fit in well here, my guy! 

But, why did you choose us, Nathan?

“I chose to join StrategiQ as it’s a local business, that’s close to home, which has values that I can really stand behind. StrategiQ encourages constant professional development which not only appeals to progress my skill set but will also benefit the clients that I work with by always being the best version of myself. I’ve previously worked client-side and have worked with a number of different agencies of all different shapes and sizes. Now I want to experience life on the other side of the coin to build my marketing skillset.” 

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We’re pleased to have you, Nathan, we hope you enjoy this side of the coin! 

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