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4 min read by Levi Clucas 16 Jun 2022

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Back again for another warm welcome – this time we’re saying howdy to Developer Max Rennie! Max is joining StrategiQ for a summer, beginning his agency journey as a developer while he completes his university course. Let’s find out a little more about Max!

Max started his working life by completing an HND in Marine Engineering in the Merchant Navy, as well as his Officer of the Watch certification. He then went a completely different direction and spent a little while in the hospitality industry, where he picked up his love of good food and fine wine. Can’t beat it, Max!

After enjoying a little time sampling some delicious cuisine, Max then returned to his origins and went back into engineering, joining an electromechanical company that – amongst other things – produced, tested, installed and serviced R+D superconducting electromagnetics, for use in silicon crystal growers and MRI machines. A little different from a Chardonnay!

Max then pivoted slightly once more, moving into web development after a long-term affinity with computers and software. He started digging into how it all worked, starting with Arduinos and Raspberry Pi’s, eventually leading to websites, and really found the passion he’d been long looking for. This passion led him to join a course at the University of Suffolk, attracted by the personal touch and smaller groups that the university offers. It was during his first year when Max came across StrategiQ – attending a talk presented by some of our team members back in 2021.

Apart from having tons of cool passions, what does Max do for fun?

It’ll come as no surprise that Max is a foodie, and loves nothing more than a good session in the kitchen making roasts or at his homemade oil drum BBQ. To complement the BBQ-y goodness, he’s also turned his hand to home-brew, and is certainly enjoying his own 50p per pint beer!

Aside from food, Max loves spending time with his ‘silly goose’ dog, Billy the Kid, an 11-month-old golden gangly pup. As you can imagine, an 11-month-old pup keeps Max and his partner very busy as well as highly entertained on the camping trips they’ve taken a liking to since lockdown. Max’s plan is eventually to walk the UK coasts, which might just tire out Billy if he’s lucky!


Why did he Choose StrategiQ?

“It’s so great to see what I’m studying put into practice, and I believe it makes such a difference being given the chance to learn vocationally and being shown real world practices in preparation for starting my dissertation. I’d heard of StrategiQ previously, however it was at their presentation that I really found out how excellent their work was. I’ve had it in my head that I’ve wanted to start my professional career in an agency, as they provide a fast-paced environment, where there are a variety of tasks, helping develop a wider set of skills early on, so I’m thrilled to get a few months of experience in exactly what I want to be doing before I’ve even finished at uni.”

Welcome, Max! We’re pleased to have you on board!

Wanna join Max on his journey to becoming a Developer to be reckoned with? Check out our careers page or get in touch with us – we’re always looking for passionate people.

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