Everyone’s Rooting For Levi!

5 min read by Charles Craik 10 May 2018


Welcome to May! In case you didn’t know already, May is a glorious month. Not only do we get Star Wars Day, two bank holidays and Sir David Attenborough’s birthday, but it’s also MY birthday month. Summer is basically here too, so BBQs and cake are on the menu!

As a new month starts at StrateqiQ, a reign ends. That means we have a new head for our shiny MVP crown to sit on, and a chance to reflect on what was achieved in April. ‘Twas wet and humid, but frizzy hair and wet socks didn’t slow anyone down – especially Tom Wake, who ran the London Marathon (pause for applause) and returned to work like he’d just gone for a lovely afternoon walk.

So, amongst all the greatness that has been the past four or five weeks, the team had to nominate their MVP for April. As per, it was tough, but here are some of my favourite nominations:

“Special mentions to Ian for his can-do attitude and nomination for the blogger awards, and to Nicola for just always being able to sort things! However, I would like to nominate Luke for April MVP. I don’t get to see an awful lot of what he’s up to, but every time I do, he knows exactly what he’s doing, when and why. He might be a little office ninja at times, but he certainly doesn’t tip-toe around his work and has always got time to help someone out, even when he’s stacked up with all sorts. Luke is a dark horse in the MVPs as he doesn’t often shout about what he does, but we all know he’s often exceeding expectations, and being a happy chappy while doing so.”

“This month I’d like to vote for Chris G. During a chock-a-block schedule, he’s found the time to pass on helpful tips and tricks to me and help me direct my R&D. In addition, whilst we’re all familiar with his ability to deliver a talk successfully, the hours of prep Chris has given to curating a succinct talk that’s on point and is prevalent within our industry shouldn’t be forgotten or taken for granted. Well done Chris…(drop the mic).”

“This month, I am going to vote for Kara as my MVP, for her can-do attitude and approach to the StrategiQ brand. She’s really taken the bull by the horns in her approach, creating documents and processes to organise the many moving parts associated with marketing strategies. It’s great to see StrategiQ getting the attention that our clients do, and I have no doubt that Kara will do a fantastic job of managing the process. She’s always bright and cheerful and always looking to improve her own knowledge and the results of her work.”

It is great to see our latest recruits getting nominations so soon after joining. If anything, it shows that our recruitment and working environment helps bring out the best in everyone. We have also discovered that Luke not only has fantastic accent skills (see previous blogs) but is also a ninja. That’s right, we have ninjas working at StrategiQ.


So, without further ado…

It’s time for me to announce who was awarded the coveted title of Most Valuable Player for April, and awarded a duvet day and dinner on the company.

Congratulations to Levi, who won MVP after impressing the Dragons with her delicious range of Reggae Reggae sauces. Wait, no… wrong Levi.

Got you! It was me (yet another reason why May is an awesome month)! Here’s some of the really nice things that people said about me:

“This month I’d like to vote for Levi. Yes, I voted for her last month, but she’s offered continued support on our SEO process development. On top of this, she took a whole extra day at BrightonSEO to train and has also been developing a great plan for building some awesome links, which could end up becoming the first blueprint of many hyper strategy-focused off-page campaigns. Soaking up knowledge like a sponge!”

“My vote this month is for Levi. There are a few reasons for this but one is her sheer persistence. She’s expanding her understanding and knowledge daily, and you can see the difference in the quality of work. Out of hours, she is offering her time to expand toolsets and improve things for both herself and StrategiQ. Keep going!”

So, there we have it! I’ll very much enjoy my duvet day and plan on enjoying a pint of cider and some chips at the pub on my evening out. Thank you to everyone for your lovely words and I promise lots of birthday cake will be heading into the office.

If you fancy joining our team of ninjas, we’re hiring! Check out our most recent job posting. You may even get some birthday cake if you’re quick enough…

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