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4 min read by Charles Craik 17 May 2022

The StrategiQ team is growing again, this time our Suffolk office is graced with a new face in the client services team. Please join us in welcoming Account Manager Laura Manning to the StrategiQ family!

Let’s find out some more about Laura.

Laura started her marketing journey with a passion for design, taking on a degree in Graphic Design at Lincoln University. While her degree was often focused around design theory, Laura got to work on a wide variety of live commercial briefs and even had her final year work showcased in China at a specialist exhibit. That’s cool!

After getting a taste for marketing, Laura went on the search for the perfect combination role of marketing and graphic design alongside working through professional training with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Since graduating, Laura has worked within a nationwide telecommunications business (B2B), a local, multi-award winning (for impeccable customer service) healthcare business (B2C) and as a Sales & Marketing Manager for a fun and vibrant Creative Agency in Essex. In this role, alongside her core responsibilities, Laura managed a full rebrand, introduced a company CRM, task management system, sales funnel and customer journey. She also helped to realign their portfolio of services, introduced three new subscription offerings and helped with senior leadership responsibilities. She just loves to stay busy, this woman!

What does Laura do when she’s not being awesome at work?

Well, what doesn’t she do!? Laura is just as busy outside of work as she is in the office – she loves to channel her inner designer and is a wedding stationary designer in her spare time, as well as take her Police Officer partner, Daniel and gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, Rex on staycations in their van. Anywhere she can go for long walks, enjoy delicious food and find a cosy pub, she’s there! Laura is also a huge music fan, a woman after my own heart as a huge Bring Me The Horizon fan and will rarely be found without some kind of music soundtracking her activities.

We’re about to be best friends because Laura is also a Christmas person. You know who we mean. The ones that get the decs out in November and belt out Mariah Carey on December 1st while making christmas cookies. Christmas in the StrategiQ office this year is going to be one for the record books!

(me and Laura on Nov. 1st)

Why did she choose StrategiQ?

“I have been an avid follower of StrategiQ since leaving university in 2014/5. I wanted to gain as much professional experience client side as I could and really find what I was interested in most marketing-wise before joining the agency. I have been drawn to the ambitious nature of the StrategiQ team as well as the exciting prospect of long-term career development opportunities on offer, and after seeing Emma S and Roisin, smash their talk at a Tech East networking workshop, I knew my next goal had to be finally joining StrategiQ! I’m incredibly excited to be here and learn from my extraordinary colleagues and clients!”


We’re all super excited to have you here Laura, (especially me as we can bond over Christmas and Oli Sykes) welcome to the team!

Wanna join Laura on her journey at StrategiQ? Get in touch or check out our careers page to find out more about our career opportunities.

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