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6 min read by Charles Craik 7 Jun 2019


Guess what! It’s the start of the new month, it’s basically Summer (because let’s face it, Spring lasts about 3 days in the UK) and it’s sizzling outside – we even enjoyed some Mr Whippy’s courtesy of Sarah! (as you can tell, Elliot particularly enjoyed his).


The change of the month also indicates the handing over of something very special indeed – the MVP Crown! Our MVP programme is a great way to recognise one member of the team (or sometimes two or three) per month who has really stood out as going above and beyond to make an impact and add value to both StrategiQ and our clients.

Let’s jump right in and get cracking with some of the fabulous nominations submitted this month:

“I think Tom W deserves to win MVP this month as he is consistently working to a very high standard and is consistently going above and beyond with everything he is involved in. His work is very thorough and he does this along with ensuring the dev standards and processes are being followed and are evolving. Also, for the amount of miles he runs per week, he needs a break!! :)”

“So many people deserve MVP this month, so it’s hard to choose just one. But I think Gemma has really made her mark this month and made a huge impact on individuals in the team. Her expertise is invaluable and the additional expert eye over everything gives you the confidence to get on with what you need to do – safe in the knowledge that she isn’t far away to answer any questions – thanks Gemma!”

“My nomination goes to Nick S this month. I just seem to see him buzzing around the office all the time engaging with numerous departments and having conversations that are really driving concepts and ideas into realities and results. The passion he has for the ideas is really morale boosting and I believe that it is having a positive drive across the office. “

“Ash deserves to be awarded MVP because I can’t help but notice the amount of effort and passion he is putting into his client work and StrategiQ’s new build. Not only that, he deals with his work with resilience and a cool calm collective persona. Please can I have some of that patience?” Everyone needs a little patience…


There was a great spread of nominations this month across all departments, which just goes to show how hard the team works on a daily basis. Everyone ‘gives a ship’ not only about our client work, but also about making sure we stay ahead of the game and continue to add value in everything we do.

However, there can only be one winner (most of the time) and this month, our winner is dedicated, courageous, ambitious, enthusiastic and is a bit more red white and blue than red gold and green, (sorry Boy George).

*Ahem*… You got it, our winner for May’s MVP is none other than our very own American data-addict Kara Thurkettle!


Here are some of the fabulous nominations that came in for Kara:

“Kara has been on an impressive journey over the last six months in furthering her SEO knowledge, while also contributing heavily to our consistent award nomination success. What tips it for me this month was her commitment and enthusiasm for representing the company at the recent Hackathon. Forget the victory, it is the quality of the idea and the thoroughness of her approach that most impressed me – well done Kara. Not many people would have given up a bank holiday weekend to take themselves out of their comfort zone and learn new skills, let alone with the thing and continue the research the way she has.”

“Kara’s done A LOT this month to support on site launches and client delivery on SEO clients. More than that though, she’s taken more of a step in her confidence to make recommendations. All this on top of supporting the team in other tasks like content uploads and proof-reading, looking for further opportunities AND successful nominations for yet more awards – she’s had a pretty impactful month I’d say!”

“My nomination has to be Kara this month. Working in the midlands, we’re not in the office in the busy-ness like the majority of the team – so we rely a lot on seeing and hearing information through, emails, linkedin, our good news board and internal meetings and Kara has been at the forefront of all of these. Not only a standout mention for contribution towards company awards submissions, but also work in her own time too for Innovate Suffolk’s Hackathon. Kudos to Kara for giving up her weekend for a good cause but a bloody well done for winning it too!”

Kara has gone from strength to strength in the last six months since migrating into the SEO team fully, and has grabbed everything that comes at her with confidence and commitment – Kara has made a huge impact on StrategiQ and also on the clients that she works with.

Congratulations Kara, enjoy your extra duvet day and dinner out!

If you love the idea of winning an MVP and want to be part of our ever-growing team, get in touch for a chat or check out our careers page for more opportunities to join StrategiQ.

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